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Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

"When you know who you are; when your mission is clear and you burn with the inner fire of unbreakable will; no cold can touch your heart; no deluge can dampen your purpose. You know that you are alive."

Chief Seattle
Leader Of The Suquamish And Duwamish Native American Tribes

From the Desk of Dave Linzey...

From the Desk of Dave Linzey...

Strong Leadership Drives a School to Greatness

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” ~ John Quincy Adams

We’re off to a strong start for the 2016-17 academic school year and I am excited to see so many returning and new students on campus this year. Equally inspiring is welcoming back our committed staff and new members to our leadership team at Clayton Valley Charter High School.

Bob Ralston is a rare talent in the world of education with 23 years as a teacher/baseball coach at the high school, community college and NCAA level. Bob loves working with kids and is excited to return to Clayton Valley and the staff are equally excited to welcome him back. Bob has a passion for helping young people make the transition from high school to college and has a wealth of knowledge in regards to educating high school and collegiate students. He has tremendous knowledge of how to motivate young people and how to “coach” them to success. These skills will translate very easily in his new role of Academic Advisor to our 9th grade students with a focus on reaching the at-risk student and turning them around. Bob has a positive winning attitude and will be an inspiration to the young lives that he will impact.

All the data suggests that the most at-risk time in a student’s career is the transition from 8th grade to 9th grade and Bob will assist us in putting out the “safety net” for each of our incoming students. Focus on freshman is a key initiative for Clayton Valley this school year and Bob is here to make the freshman year a positive and successful start to their high school career.

John McMorris is a dynamic instructional leader with nearly 30 years’ experience in multiple teaching and administrative leadership roles. His involvement in education reform movements has earned him respect and praise among his professional peers. He is viewed as an innovator and strong collaborator committed to building positive relationships with all stakeholders through effective and positive communications. McMorris is credited for introducing Instructional Rounds, pioneering Smaller Learning Communities, and implementing Professional Learning Communities in his previous schools where he served. McMorris brings a unique perspective to his educational philosophy and has a loyal following among his former staff and academic peers. McMorris cares about others and his motto is simple: “Make it a great day!”

As Deputy Principal and Director of Guidance, John will be instrumental in enhancing school morale, strengthening community ties, overseeing student-centered programs and ensuring a quality academic experience for every student.

Jim Stewart has been involved in education for over 22 years with a wealth of experience in education. His peers consider him “a sound decision-maker, a calm level-headed thinker and a leader with broad experience capable of handling whatever the day brings.” As Director of Discipline, Jim serves as an outstanding role model contributing to our safe, positive learning environment and promoting academic excellence for all students.

Jim believes that all students can learn but each learns in a different way and at different rates. He believes that with hard work and perseverance we can reach each student in a special way. Keeping the atmosphere positive is the key to success as well as keeping the lines of communication open among staff, students, and parents. Jim believes that teamwork is the ultimate way a school can be successful in reaching the goal of helping all students attain their full potential. Stewart’s motto is “Stay positive, maintain communication, and Do the Right Thing.”

Kathleen Coakley Saunders’ passion for education runs deep. As a daughter, granddaughter and sister of educators, it is safe to say it is “in the blood”. As a Clayton Valley High School alumni and former teacher, she has a deep understanding of and commitment to the community we serve. Kathleen has been involved in education for over 23 years. Her experience associated with teaching and designing curriculum at the elementary, secondary and college levels provides Kathleen with a comprehensive perspective and understanding of the education system. At the college level, Kathleen taught at California State University East Bay working with teachers onsite and online. She currently teaches at Brandman University where she has developed and instructed a variety of K-12 Literacy, Math, and Social Studies courses for credential and masters level programs. As a former English teacher at CV, she implemented and facilitated a Teaching Internship Program. She is inspired to bring innovative programs to our students, faculty and staff.

As Director of Professional Development, Kathleen brings her extensive expertise to meet the needs of our students and teachers in a creative, innovative way. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious. Clayton Valley is thrilled to welcome Kathleen back.

I am extremely excited over our new leadership team as well as our returning staff who are committed to supporting Dr. Patrick Gaffney’s direction to enhance our unique school culture as well as heighten academic expectations for all students. Good leaders are trailblazers. Great leaders inspire others to dream bigger, reach higher, and achieve greater. As the saying goes,
“If you inspire people to reach for the stars, they just might bring you back the moon!” Please join me in giving a warm Eagle family welcome to our newest members of our leadership team!

In Your Service,
David Linzey
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Welcome to Clayton Valley Charter High School! The vision is clear: We will prepare our students for college admissions equipped with 21st century skills. All students have a right to a world-class education and this is the mission of Clayton Valley Charter High School (CVCHS). All of the faculty, staff and administration are dedicated to this challenge and we invite parents to join us as partners to make this vision a reality. The CVCHS administration, board of directors, teachers and staff are united with a clear vision to ensure that we provide our students with a rigorous and relevant education.

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and ADA

School funding comes directly from student's daily attendance.  When they attend school, even for a portion of the day, we receive full funding for that day.  When your student does not attend at all, we receive no funding at all.  Since 2007, California funding for public education (which includes charter schools) has been reduced significantly causing a tremendous strain on schools to offer educational programs.  We need each student here everyday, even if it is only for a part of the day (after doctor's and dentist appointments, etc.).  CVCHS can actually increase our state funding if every parent does their best to get their students to school everyday.  Thanks!

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News and Announcements


Please join us tonight, October 25th at 7:00p.m. in the Multi-Use Room as information on graduation requirements, college entrance requirements, school resources and an overview of the Naviance College & Career program are presented. Come to the Parent "Drugs & The Adolescent Brain at 5:45p.m. and then the 9th Grade Parent Night will be directly after.


Parents--Please come to an informational session about drugs and alcohol tonight, October 25th at 5:45p.m. in the Multi-Use Room. Presenter, Ralph Cantor will create a dialogue that can assist parents in constructively addressing drug and alcohol issues with a non-judgmental, science-based perspective regarding the impact of drugs and alcohol on the brain.


Red Ribbon Week at CVCHS is an annual week of awareness developed by the National Family Partnership. In 1988, NFP sponsored the first National Red Ribbon Celebration. Today, the Red Ribbon serves as a catalyst to mobilize communities to educate youth and encourage participation in drug prevention activities. Since that time, the campaign has reached millions of U.S. children and families. The National Family Partnership (NFP) and its network of individuals and organizations continue to deliver his message of hope to millions of people every year, through the National Red Ribbon Campaign™.


Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empowers learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. In the beginning, Khan Academy offered videos mostly about mathematics. Khan Academy now offers courses about history, healthcare, medicine, finance, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, cosmology, American civics, art history, economics, music, computer programming and computer science. There are more than 5,000 courses in all, for grades 6 - 12 as of 2015. Please click the link above for all the information.


Last week, CVCHS announced several new administrators as well as new positions for existing staff. Please click the link above for all the information.


Are you interested in driving to school this year but didn't get a parking spot? This year CVCHS is working with the City of Concord to provide overflow parking at Boatwright Fields! For all the information on where to go, how to register, etc. please click the link above. Happy parking!


Do great teachers inspire great students? They certainly do. And nowhere is this more evident than Clayton Valley Charter High School. Prior to the opening week of school, our staff participated in a special professional development program hearing from one of the nation’s leading experts in education, Dr. Bill Daggett. His system for Effective Instruction and Rigor/Relevance framework is the cornerstone of our 2011 charter conversion. To hear Dr. Daggett in action, click the link above.


Are you curious about the new literacy program at CVCHS? Achieve3000® believes that every student — mainstream, English language learners, special needs and gifted alike — can reach higher. That all students have the ability to improve their reading and writing. And that with this ability, they have the means to master the curriculum...to meet the standards set by Common Core...to be prepared for college and career.

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Girls Tennis Conference Tennis Tournament

Date: 10/27/2016
Location: TBA ALL DAY
Red Ribbon Week Spirit Days

Date: 10/27/2016
Location: CVCHS
Freshman Girls Volleyball @ Mt. Diablo

Date: 10/27/2016, 4 PM
Location: Mt. Diablo ER 2:15
Frosh Football vs Las Lomas

Date: 10/27/2016, 5 PM
Location: CVCHS ER 2:30
JV Girls Volleyball @ Mount Diablo
Date: 10/27/2016, 5 PM
Location: @ Mount Diablo
Varsity Girls Volleyball @ Mount Diablo
Date: 10/27/2016, 6 PM
Location: @ Mt Diablo
Girls Tennis Conference Tennis Tournament

Date: 10/28/2016
Location: TBA ALL DAY
Girls Varsity Water Polo Vintage Tournament

Date: 10/28/2016
Location: Napa College ER All Day
Red Ribbon Week Spirit Days

Date: 10/28/2016
Location: CVCHS
JV & Varsity Football @ Las Lomas

Date: 10/28/2016, 4 PM
Location: Las Lomas ER JV FB & Cheer 2 PM

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