Clayton Valley Charter High School

Parking Permit Rules and Regulations

 Student Drivers 2017 - 2018


There are not enough parking spaces on campus for all of our students to have an assigned parking space. Priority is granted to Seniors when applying for a parking space. Juniors will be placed in a lottery for any remaining spaces. Students will be assigned a numbered parking spot and parking tag for the year.  This is the only spot that your student may park in. The numbering system has been created to ensure the safety of all of our students.  Please remember that parking at Clayton Valley Charter is a privilege not a right.


  •     Permit price: $50.00
  •     Notification: students will receive an email from CVCHS when their parking spot is secured
  •     Parking Tags: available for payment and pick up at the Treasurer’s Office during Walk-Thru Registration.
  •     Apply for your parking permit at https://www.permitsales.net/CVCHS. Student must have a valid driver’s license to apply for a permit.  
  •     Seniors Priority registration May 15th – May 26th
  •     Juniors registration May 29th – June 9th
  •     Final day to apply for a parking permit is Friday, June 30, 2017.
  •     Students will be unable to apply before scheduled date.


Please read and abide by the following rules regarding parking at CVCHS


  •     One permit per family.


  •     Students must use their space 80% of school days or the permit could be revoked; spaces will be monitored.


  •      Permits are not transferable between students.


  •      Students are not to park in any spaces marked or intended for faculty or visitors. Students may not park in any of the faculty lots.


  •     Do not exceed 5 MPH.


  •     Park, lock and leave your car promptly. Do not loiter in parking areas.


  •      Do not return to the parking lot during school hours without a pass from the office or your teacher.


  •      Do not allow anyone to smoke or violate any school rules in your car.


  •      Replacement Permits cost an additional $5.00 each.


  •      A Parking Permit is required for all students who park on campus, but they are limited. Any car parked on campus without a permit is subject to a citation and may be towed. Please park in your assigned spot. Violators parked in a spot not assigned to them, parked illegally in faculty areas, auto-shop area, handicapped areas, emergency zones (marked in red), blocking hallways, blocking other vehicles, or in any NO PARKING areas, will be subject to the consequences listed below and may have their vehicle towed (at owners’ expense) and/or pay a fine of up to $100. Tickets are issued by Clayton Valley Charter and/or the Concord Police Department.


  •      While parked, you must have your parking permit tag hanging on your rear view mirror at all times and a current registration sticker and valid automobile insurance.


  •      Parking Permits are non-refundable.


  •      Consequences for not following the Rules and Regulations are:
  •      First Offense – Detention Referral
  •      Second Offense – Saturday School
  •      Third Offense – $40.00 parking ticket and possible loss of parking permit
  •      Forth Offense - Towed car


  •     The student accepts all liability for loss or damage to vehicles while parked or driving on CVCHS property. Any casualty, loss or damage should be reported immediately to the student’s insurance company and the Concord Police Department. Any incidents should also be reported to the Treasurer’s office.