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Shared Vision

     The goal of the students, teachers, staff, parents, and community members of Clayton Valley Charter High School is to have the flexibility to develop and sustain traditional and innovative programs and practices that will promote student acceleration in all academic, social, and civic areas to prepare them for entrance into the global community as skilled participants ready to achieve their post;secondary goals.

CVCHS will improve student achievement by the following:
  • GOAL 1: Establish a positive, professional, productive, and innovative culture
  • GOAL 2: Ensure that all students receive a challenging curriculum that will prepare them for post;secondary education, career training, and the workplace of the 21st Century
  • GOAL 3: Increase student responsibility and respect for others and the learning process
  • GOAL 4: Establish, implement, evaluate, and revise (as needed) grade level/subject content and performance standards
  • GOAL 5: Be committed to constant improvement by taking advantage of professional development opportunities and implementing best practices
  • GOAL 6: Maintain and improve school safety and campus security

     Clayton Valley Charter High School has a unique community and staff made up of alumni and involved stakeholders who are committed to offering the highest academic standards, while sustaining a nurturing and safe school environment. This vision embodies the continuing principles of the CV “Do the Right Thing Program” of Respect, Responsibility, Kindness, Self-Discipline, Integrity, and Courage. We believe that as an independent charter school, we will be able to make the changes needed to meet all of our students’ needs to enable pupils to become self;motivated, competent, lifelong learners.

     As an independent charter we wish to further strengthen the academic standards and opportunities on campus, to operate economically and efficiently, to be responsive to the needs of our student body and parents, to reward excellence in instruction, to make timely and continuous advances in technology, and to promote character and personal development in our students. We wish to respond to all of our students’ needs, including our special needs population, and to emphasize service and leadership among our students, staff, and parents.

     This charter petition is effective as of the date of approval and will petition for a period of three (3) fiscal years. All fiscal arrangements outlined in this proposal are to be open to review and improvements in conjunction with school needs and, when appropriate, collective bargaining units.

     CVCHS will serve all students within attendance area (up to capacity of the school) and would like to become the school of choice for all the students in our community.

     CVCHS will raise the bar of expectation for every student on campus. Our goal is to succeed at higher and higher levels of rigor and performance. We believe the charter will give us greater flexibility and control of our educational program and environment. We believe it will allow us to make important modifications in the next five years.

     It is our intent to develop a curriculum and schedule that support academic success for all students. Our educational program will test and evaluate each student while tutoring, reviewing, remediating, and making every effort to have “no child left behind.”

     It is also our intent to create a transition program for all incoming students. This program could be required as entrance to the charter or as a freshman pathway with specified curriculum. We want to foster a high school environment with elevated standards of behavior, dress, and mutual respect for one another as well as respect for authority.

     We will develop a plan for professional development for our teachers and staff that promotes clear standards of instruction and provides adequate support to become a faculty of proficient and committed teachers and staff.

     We will examine our facilities on a regularly scheduled basis to ensure a safe campus that promotes a clean, healthy, and nurturing environment. We will review all guidelines on an ongoing basis to make sure our campus is not overcrowded or under;supervised.

     We will set spending priorities that reflect the particular needs of our community. We will be committed to budget management and will put fiscal responsibility as one of our highest priorities.

     By implementing this charter, we are affirming our commitment to a rigorous, relevant high school experience for all of our students. We are committed to establishing a united relationship with all of the stakeholders of our community; its students, teachers and staff, parents, and community members.