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About the Executive Director


            Dave Linzey is a visionary leader who is passionate about preparing students to become first class citizens with a world-class education!  His mission is to engage students with cutting-edge instructional programs, which prepares students with 21st century career readiness skills so that students are admitted to the college or university of their choice! 

    With one of the great track records of increasing student achievement, graduation rates and college admissions rates for his high schools, Linzey has created a legacy of amazing results.  As the high school principal of two great comprehensive high schools in Southern California, Dave led both to 100+ points growth on API, stellar graduation and college admissions rates and two California Distinguished School Awards.  As the Chief Academic Officer, he led urban secondary charter schools to API scores well over 800, and college admissions rates at 94%, resulting in national recognition. As the superintendent of schools, his district achieved the highest academic growth in the county.  

      Throughout his career as a superintendent of schools, chief academic officer for The Alliance for College-Ready Public Schools, district administrator, teacher, counselor, and high school principal, his motto has remained, "Students don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."  With this in mind, he has created schools with the focus upon every student being connected to caring teachers and educators who take a genuine interest in them.  "Capturing students hearts leads to educating their minds”, Dave believes.  This philosophical belief led him to the three-pillar approach to school leadership, which is “Rigor, Relevance and Relationships”.  Engaging students in rigorous learning, making instruction relevant to students personal lives, and based upon dynamic personal relationships between teachers and students, will result in a powerful education for all learners.

       Dave’s passion is to reach and teach all students, especially those typically destined to underachievement and high school dropout. His leadership as Superintendent of Schools and Chief Academic Officer has led to some of the highest achieving urban schools in the nation!  The Alliance for College-Ready Public Schools was selected as one of the top three urban districts in the nation for student achievement as determined by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation who awarded The Alliance and their network of charter management organizations with a $60 million grant in 2009, for their work on teacher effectiveness.  The Alliance serves students who are nearly 100% minority and 100% poverty yet have results of 97% graduation rate and 94% 4-year college admissions rate!

Dave serves as the Executive Director of Clayton Valley Charter High School, a large conversion charter school in Concord, CA.  This past year CVCHS had incredible academic achievement results including a 62-point API growth, the highest academic growth for large high schools in California.  Each subgroup of students saw amazing academic growth including special education, English Learners, African American, Latino and Socioeconomically Disadvantaged students.  Parent volunteerism is at an all-time high and their satisfaction survey demonstrates a community that is clearly pleased with the tremendous success of the school.

        CVCHS is on a mission to prepare each student for college and careers of the 21st century.  The results demonstrated in just their second year demonstrate the synergistic impact of what can happen with teachers, administrators, parents and community members join together with a common purpose – namely, to build a world class school!