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The Academies at CVCHS are like small schools within the school. Students enrolled in an Academy must take required classes with other Academy members each year (see chart below). Following is a brief description of each of the four Academies, please visit their individual pages for more information (links found to the right).
Medical Careers Academy
The mission of the Medical Careers Academy is to prepare academy students for biomedical careers in the 21st century by providing the educational foundation, community mentorships, leadership training and hands on skills in the fields the biomedical sciences. MCA uses the curriculum from Project Lead the Way to enhance the science academics during the 3-4 year program. HOSA is a national organization that is used as an adjunct program to teach leadership skills and provide for opportunities for community outreach and hands on experience

Engineering and Design Academy
The mission of The Engineering and Design Academy is to provide a firm educational foundation in the areas of math and science enhanced by problem-solving and engineering applications. Emphasis is placed upon the critical thinking, collaboration, and teamwork skills necessary in our increasingly technological world.  The Engineering and Design Academy is more than just science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It’s about learning real skills, solving real problems, and making real discoveries about the world. By working with your classmates, teachers, and parents, students help create a learning experience unlike any other.

Clayton Arts Academy
The ClaytonArts Academy is a three course integrated program comprised of an English/Social Studies core with a visual or performing art specialty. The purpose is to provide an artistic avenue for students to fulfill their academic requirements and to provide them with intensive, in-depth training in their area of artistic interest. Current technology will be used as a tool to prepare students for entry into the professional world. Each semester students will collaborate on a thematic-based All-Academy Project, involving all 9 – 12 graders in the program, and evaluated by community members.
Public Service Academy
The Public Service Academy is a small learning community at Clayton Valley Charter High School structured around dedicated and collaborative teaching that emphasizes academic success by:
■Creating a safe, welcome, spirited school culture

■Fostering portable life-skills including critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork

■Instituting a project-based service learning curriculum

■Providing meaningful involvement in the community

■Preparing students for post high school education and careers

■Integrating current technology

■Promoting an awareness and an appreciation of international perspectives


Academy Class Requirements - Comparison Chart

Class Requirements


Clayton Arts Academy

Medical Careers Academy

Engineering and Design Academy

Public Service Academy


English I (CAA)

World History (CAA)

Academy Elective

English I  (MC)

Principles of Biomedical Sciences

Biology (MC)

English I (Engr)

Alg I or Geometry (Engr)

Earth Science or Biology (Engr)

Intro to Engineering Design

English I (PSA)


English II (CAA)

US History (CAA)

Academy Elective

English II (MC)

Human Body Systems

Chemistry (MC) or (Honors)

English II (Engr)

Geometry (Engr) or Alg II-Trig

Biology or Chemistry (Engr or (Honors)

Principles of Engineering


English II (PSA)

World History (PSA)


English III (CAA)

Gov or Econ/Academy (CAA) Project

Academy Elective

English III (MC)

Medical Interventions

English III (Engr)

Alg II-Trig or Pre-Calc (Honors)

Chemistry or Physics (Honors)

Civil Engineering-Architecture


English III (PSA)

US History (PSA)


English IV (CAA)

Gov or Econ/Academy (CAA)


Academy Elective

English IV (MC)

Biomedical Innovations


English IV (Engr)

Pre-Calc or Calculus (AP)

Physics or other Science

Computer Integrated Mfg.


English IV (PSA)

Government/Econ (PSA)