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Congratulations CVCHS – “2017 National Model School”                  Congratulations CVCHS – “2017 California Gold Ribbon School"              Congratulations CVCHS – “2017 National Model School”                  Congratulations CVCHS – “2017 California Gold Ribbon School"              Congratulations CVCHS – “2017 National Model School”                  Congratulations CVCHS – “2017 California Gold Ribbon School"

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Spotlight Message

Spotlight Message

Voyage of the Eagle 

The Reason for the Season

"The season of joy is finally here, the season of belonging and fun, the season of warmth and hope, the season when everyone is one. It's the season of Christmas, Christmas is here!"  ~ Unknown
Greetings CV Parents and Community Members,
I love the Christmas season as there is so much hustle and bustle, shopping, travel and excitement in the air, as we gather with loved ones near and far to celebrate joy, love and family!
As another year closes out, another year begins with great anticipation.  A chance to "begin again" and set new goals, creating New Year's resolutions, and reaching successes in our personal and family lives.  So, what are your resolutions?
Let me offer a few from an educator's perspective who has spent many years as a family counselor:
1.  Our family will spend at least one hour at night together with the television and cell phones off, at the dinner table, checking in and talking about our day with our children.  Mark this down on your calendars and set all your ringtones on your cell phone for reminders.
2.  Our family will do something together each weekend (let your teen help decide), it could be a movie night, miniature golf outing, bowling, working out at the health club, going to church, or attending a professional, college or high school sports event.
3.  Develop a healthy eating program (70% of children are overweight, so let's help them establish good eating habits for life).  Might be good for us adults too!
4.  Family quiet time for homework (for our kids) and reading for us adults.
5.  We will curtail our poor choice of words towards our family members (hurtful words or angry accusations).  Be careful with the words we use in our communication with our kids.  Set a goal. Then make sure we balance out our mistakes with positive words of love and encouragement.  Go for 10 to 1.  For every mistake or outburst, we make up for it with sincere, complimentary, encouraging and kind comments of praise and love on ten different occasions.  See how your relationships will improve!
Of course, there are many other great resolutions we could select, but let's not pick too many.  Choose a few that we will be successful in accomplishing.
I want to remind you that CVCHS has four outstanding school counselors who absolutely love helping families and teens.  They are dedicated professionals who can assist in all of these areas.  If there is significant turmoil in your relationship with your teen, contact your school counselor, they can help.   
Intercession 2017
This year CVCHS is kicking off our Intercession Educational Services Program and we have had literally hundreds of students sign up for the following support:

* Credit Recovery - for students needing to make up a grade of "F" or "D"
* Math Support - for students (especially 9th-grade) needing tutoring in Algebra
* Achieve 3000 - 9th grade literacy support (improve reading and writing skills)
* Campus Beautification - for students with tardies and truancies to clear the books of "demerit" hours
* Freshman Transition Makeup - for 9th grade students and new upperclassmen who missed the summer Freshman Transition Program, this graduation requirement will be made up
We have over 300 students attending our intercession program and if your student needs to attend one of these, please contact Mr. Frank Perez. Mr. Perez is an amazing school counselor and administrator heading up this tremendous program.
Happy Holidays to You and Yours - Personal Message from Executive Director
While this is the season of giving gifts to show our love and appreciation to one another, I would like to encourage you with the following thought that I like to remind my closest friends and loved ones...
Presents are so exciting!  To unwrap a brand-new gift fills our hearts with excitement and joy.  But the most lasting joy, and truly the best gift of all that we can give to our children is our words of heartfelt love, appreciation, and gratitude.  Please be sure to communicate this more than all the presents you may offer... as these words of love, compliments of praise and warm embraces of hugs and love will last forever. 
Quoting "Keeping Christmas" by Henry Van Dyke, "the only good reason for your existence is not what you are going to get out of life, but what you are going to give to life... Are you willing... to believe that love is the strongest thing in the world - stronger than hate, stronger than evil, stronger than death... Then you can keep Christmas.  And if you can keep it for a day, why not always?  But you can never keep it alone."
The best kept secret is that the good feeling we get around this Christmas holiday comes from a love we can celebrate every single day of the year!  Let's "Keep Christmas!"
I truly hope you have a wonderful holiday season and I pray your house is filled with love, joy and peace.
In Your Service,

David Linzey
Executive Director 
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