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Charter Governance

The Clayton Valley Charter High School Governing Board is a highly effective team strategically assembled to bring the skills, expertise, temperament, and time to govern a multimillion-dollar public enterprise, the Charter School. The Governing Board comprises two parents elected by the parent community, one teacher elected by the faculty, one staff member elected by the entire staff, two appointed community members, and one appointed educator, not on staff.

CVCHS Governing Board

CVCHS Governing Board

From left to right: Non-interested Board Members Stephanie Cademartori, Barbara Holmes, Kristy Powell, and Jennifer Lauricella. (Not pictured - Randy Coddington.)

Governing Board Members

Kristy Powell

Parent Representative, Chairperson

Jennifer Lauricella

Parent Representative, Vice Chairperson

Stephanie Cademartori

Community Representative

Randy Coddington

Community Representative

Barbara Holmes

Educator Representative

Kim Holmes

Teacher Representative

Sarah Lovick

Staff Representative

Questions about the Governing Board?

Email the Governing Board Secretary

Email the Governing Board