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Dear CVCHS Families,

As we have shared multiple times, CVCHS is looking at changing its governance model. This note is a followup meant to share the next steps in this process and provide all members of the CVCHS community with the opportunity to give input on the proposed changes. The next steps are provided below.

The proposed revisions to the CVCHS Charter and Bylaws are on the CVCHS website linked here.

In addition, please note that the issue of CVCHS governance will NOT be heard before the CCCOE Board this week. 

While CVCHS Governance is NOT on the CCCOE Board agenda, there is a short informational item regarding an update to the County Board on the progress made so far on the expanded forensic audit the School is participating in. This is listed as item 10.6 on the agenda, which can be found here under the March 20th meeting (click on "meetings" then the date). All members of the public are invited to attend but the time this item will be heard is unknown. The CCCOE office is located at 77 Santa Barbara Road, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523.

CVCHS is committed to improving communication with all stakeholders so please continue to reference the Weekly School News & Updates for additional information on this item as CVCHS continues to partner with CCCOE on these important changes and updates to our program. Next steps will be shared as they become available.

Thank you for taking the time to review these important updates.


Jim Scheible, Executive Director