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What is KickStart?

KickStart is an early college preparation program designed to help and prepare high school seniors to make a smooth transition from high school to DVC. Through the KickStart program, seniors will complete all the required steps to attend DVC after high school, including registering for their first semester of college classes before they graduate!


Program Benefits

Research shows that students who complete an early college preparation process (Orientation, Assessment, and Education Plan) are more successful in achieving their educational and career goals. In addition, completing these steps will provide students with priority registration and prepare them for their first official semester at DVC. Students will also become familiar with DVC programs, services, and resources to help them be successful at and beyond DVC.

With the KickStart program you will:

  • Complete the DVC application for both Spring 2023 and Fall 2023
  • Complete a Financial Aid Application (FAFSA or CA Dream Act) to be eligible for Free Tuition “FT3”
  • Complete & submit a Special Admissions Form to enroll in the DVC Counseling 095 (COUN 095) course
  • Complete the Intro to College (COUN 095) course & develop an educational plan with a DVC academic counselor
  • Learn about DVC Learning Communities, Programs & Services
  • EARN PRIORITY REGISTRATION for summer & fall enrollment!