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Note -  these updates DO NOT impact current Academy students (classes 24-26) as there is NO change for currently enrolled CVCHS Academy students with the exception of  opportunity to enroll in AP classes if desired.   


Academy participation is NOT required as a student at CVCHS. As well, students may opt to take courses in and out of an Academy (adhering to any prerequisite that may be in place) as a stand alone course as well. 

Highlights of the updates for class of 2027 and beyond include: 

  • Increased opportunities for all interested students. Students are no longer “selected” but encouraged to research programs and select an Academy offering that addresses their goals and areas of interest.  
  • Ensures Academy course offerings align to CA College and Career Readiness Standards
  • Ensures all Academy students' ability to experience pathways of interest that include industry aligned certifications, college articulation, internships / work based learning. 
  • Continues Academy collaboration with all Academy events, pathways, field trips and cohorted enrollment in common “UGLY hour” class period twice a week.  

You may access the revised Academy + Pathways offerings for the class of 2027 and beyond here. While there may still be a few minor revisions, these will NOT impact course selection for the 2023-2024 school year NOR impact programming in any major way. The table provides a very good overview of Academy experiences students may enjoy.

New students will enroll in an “introductory” course aligned to their pathway of interest. These courses are carefully selected to provide a strong foundation of skills and content to support their pathway of choice. Academy participation and graduation acknowledgement is awarded for those completing an Academy Pathway.

IF you are interested in Academy participation, please complete these next steps to support your decision making: 

  • Review the Academy + Pathway offerings information. 
  • Complete this Academy Interest form by Wednesday, January 25th 
  • Consider attending one of our Academy “Open House” opportunities. These are informal, drop in meet and greet events where teachers will be available to address questions students may have. 
    • IN PERSON - Thursday, January 26, 2023 4-5pm CVCHS Library 
    • VIRTUAL - Monday, January 30, 2023 6:30-7:30pm  ZOOM link
  • Attend new student course selection on February 4th. Students will indicate their final Academy selection at this time. 

Clayton Valley Charter is proud and excited to present our new students with comprehensive and innovative programming to best support student interest and college and career readiness. 

Welcome UGLIES!