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2019 Southern CA College Field Trip for 10th Graders!


  •       CVCHS is offering the opportunity for 10th grade CVCHS students to participate in a 4-day field trip through IST Campus Tours. Students will visit 8 colleges in Southern CA. Lovick and Ms. Devenuto will chaperone
  •       Trip is for 2018-2019 10th graders only
  •       There is only space for 40 students- so sign up ASAP
  •       Students may not attend if they have any suspensions on their CVCHS record
  •       Students must have a 5 or higher Current AND Cumulative GPA at ALL times- weekly grade checks will be conducted once you pay the deposit.
  •       Deposit will NOT be refunded if a student is removed for low grades
  •       Cannot attend if a student has a ‘D’ or ‘F’ in any class, at anytime
  •       All students in attendance must be committed to excellent behavior at all times- especially during hotel and free time
  •       If a student is involved in any negative behavior incidents on CVCHS campus prior to the trip (referral, suspension etc) they will be removed from the trip- which would result in a loss of the $150 deposit


  •       This a trip that will provide an excellent comparison of Private, UC and CSU Universities so that students can better prepare during high school and make an informed decision as they apply to colleges in their Senior year!


  •       We will visit 8 Universities in Southern California during our 4 day trip! Please see the attached itinerary. Parents are welcome to email Ms. Lovick for more details or with any questions


  •       We will leave on Tuesday February 12th and return home on Friday February 15th 2019

How much?

  •       Cost of the trip is $619 (each room will have 4 students in it. Gender separated
  •       $150 deposit is accepted beginning Monday May 7th online at the CVCHS web store- once you have paid your student’s spot is secure!
  •       Spots are secured for the trip in the order of payment received. All payments are date and time stamped. Please ONLY pay the $150 deposit at this time. Deposits due by June 30th but the trip will fill up before that!  Once we have 40 paid students I will begin a wait list
  •       Final balance of $469 is due on December 1st 2018
  •       No refunds are given. Grade checks will be conducted once a month- must have a 3.5 at all times or the student will be removed from the trip
  •       There are 3 scholarships being offered. Please see the Scholarship paper for info. Deadline to apply is May 22nd

Extra Info

  •       Please email Sarah Lovick with any questions.
  •       Students are responsible for communicating with their teachers before and after the trip to obtain work and turn it in
  •       There is not much time on the trip to DO any work, so students need to complete work on the weekend after we return
  •       Please see the PowerPoint for further information regarding insurance, food, hotels etc