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Clayton Valley Charter High School Proudly Presents

Eagle Arts Expo 2019

 Thursday, April 11, 2019

6:00 pm to 9:00 pm - Multi Use Room

Deadline for Submission February 28, 2019

Submission Forms are available here

The Eagle Arts Expo is Sponsored by

CVCHS and the 

Michelangelo D'Onofrio Arts Foundation and Clayton Sunrise Rotary Club


The Eagle Arts Expo is open to all students of:

  •      Clayton Valley Charter High School
  •      Pine Hollow Middle School
  •      Diablo View Middle School


Categories Accepted:

  •      Drawing
  •      Painting
  •      Sculpture
  •      Photography
  •      Video
  •      Digital/Computer
  •      Mixed Media
  •      3-D modeling


General Guidelines:

  •      All Submitted Pieces Must Be Original (more info below)
  •      Students are limited to Three Submissions
  •      Work Submitted Must Be Created By The Student

Submission Forms are available here.  Each entry must have a submission form attached. 

Pre Expo: – Artwork can be submitted to your Art Teacher, or directly to Ms. Nolan in Room S-1

Post Expo: - Artwork will be returned to the Art Teachers for distribution. Students not enrolled in an art class will have their work returned to their Fourth Period Teacher. Middle School submissions will be returned to the School’s Art Teacher.


What is an Original Piece?

Original art pieces should be the fresh, creative idea of the student. Parody pieces (putting your own twist on an existing image) and use of pop culture icons in their submission is not considered original.


For videos, royalty-free music (which can be found online) can be used. Videos used for competitions or public viewing should not be "music videos", as they are considered plagiarized. In the case of documentary work, if you post that you are filming and someone walks by playing their "boom box" blasting an artist, i.e. Justin Timberlake; you can leave it in as ambient noise so long as it is not the full song.


If you have any questions about the originality of a piece please discuss with your Art Teacher or Ms. Nolan.