Clayton Valley Charter High School

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Welcome to Clayton Valley Charter High School!
     The vision is clear: We will prepare our students for college admissions equipped with 21st century skills. All students have a right to a world-class education and this is the mission of Clayton Valley Charter High School (CVCHS). All of the faculty, staff and administration are dedicated to this challenge and we invite parents to join us as partners to make this vision a reality.

     The CVCHS administration, board of directors, teachers and staff are united with a clear vision to insure that we provide our students with a rigorous and relevant education based upon nurturing relationships with students. All students need to become prepared for admissions to the university of their choice with college preparatory skills of critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving, effective communication, and with proficiency in the use of technology.

     A high school education is far more than classroom learning. It entails character education, as we prepare our students to be meaningful contributors to society. We are “our brother’s keeper” and our students must learn “to do unto others as we would have others do unto us.” This golden rule and other key principles of character education must be modeled for our students as “more is caught than is taught”. To this end, we join with parents in our commitment to educate the “whole child”... heart, mind, body and soul.

     I invite all of our parents and community members to get on board, join the fun, support CVCHS, and celebrate our success as we embark on a great future that begins NOW!

     Here’s to a great 2017 - 2018 school year!

David L. Linzey 
Executive Director