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The coaching staff of the women's soccer program would like to thank all the players who attended the tryout sessions and we appreciate all the hard work put in during those four days.  85 girls registered to participate in the soccer tryouts.  Over the course of those four days, 60 girls attended the tryout session in an attempt to make one of the two teams this spring season.  Unfortunately, we were only able to take 44 players for the two teams.
For those players, who did not make a team this spring please do not let it discourage you.  We all hope that we will have some normalcy in the coming school year which will allow us to have three teams as part of our program.
This season will be a short quick version that will run through the end of May.  
For those players who made a team, we will have a training session on Wednesday, April 14th from 7-9pm on the turf field.  The upcoming season and schedule will be discussed  with the teams at Wednesday's training session.  Questions please contact one of the coaches listed below.
Thanks and see you on the field this season.
Here are the rosters for the 2021 Spring season.
404 406 407 409 411 412 303 305 306
307 309 313 314 316 317 319 321 204
211 218 128            
Junior Varsity:              
320 202 203 206 207 208 210 212 213
216 217 103 105 108 109 117 119 120
122 123 126 127 131        
Coach Aaron        
Junior Varsity-              
Coach Madison
Women's Soccer Players and Families,
The last twelve months have been the most difficult, awkward and stressful, with nothing but the unknown as a certainty. 
Well, that is about to change even just a little bit as sports return for all of us.  The high school soccer season is slated to begin Monday, April 5th and run through Thursday, May 27th, which will be the final game of the season.  We all understand that Club soccer is going to coincide with High School and we will manage all that soccer the best we can.  There has been a lot of concern with "tryouts" being the week of spring break and I have responded to many emails that it has been "unknown" since we haven't known our schedule.
Well, today we share tryout information with some other important information for tryouts, the season and Covid restrictions/rules for the season.
First, I want to share that we will not field a FROSH team this shortened season.  Why?  As we are all aware Covid has wreaked havoc on our lives and every sport is being pushed into a three month window.  That means Football, Girls LAX, Boys LAX, Track & Field, Boys Soccer and Women's Soccer have to share the field during a three month window.  All schools have elected to eliminate their Frosh teams this season due to field space and availability.  Our Frosh team (as almost all East Bay schools) play Frosh Women's Soccer on Saturdays.  Those games will be in direct conflict with Club games and tournaments.  It is just not possible this spring shortened season.
Tryouts - Held on the turf at CV
Due to the number of students registered to tryouts for women's soccer (over 70+ girls), we are going to hold two separate tryouts sessions. 
Monday April 5th and Tuesday April 6th tryouts will be for FRESHMAN and SOPHOMORES ONLY from 7pm to 9pm.  
Wednesday April 6th and Monday April 12th tryouts will be for JUNIORS and SENIORS from 7pm to 9pm.
Tryouts are being split up to accommodate the amount of players on one field to make sure the coaches have time to evaluate all the players equally.  
All players are REQUIRED to register at  Click on California, find Clayton Valley Charter and complete the online registration process.  All players are also REQUIRED to obtain a sports physical from their physician. 
All this information can be found at:
Players will be required to wear an all white t-shirt (no club or tournament t-shirts please) and will be provided a tryout number.  You will keep the same number for the tryouts.  You will have your picture taken at the beginning of the first tryout.  You will be known by that number for tryouts.
Freshman and/or sophomores who perform at a high level MAY be asked to attend the Junior/Senior tryout session.
Our game schedule is still being worked on by the Diablo Athletic League, but we will play approximately 10 games this season.  The plan is to start games the week of April 26th and finish the last week of May.
Here are some frequently asked questions that may assist you.
How are players going to play both Club and High School at the same time ? There has been a verbal agreement that High School soccer will do their best to maintain games on Tuesday's and Thursday's with a training session on Wednesday's and Club teams will have Monday and Friday to train with the weekends left available for Club games/training sessions.
- I will also add that it is my goal to not over play or over train the girls since they are playing for two teams at the same time, so our coaching staff will do our best to prevent injuries and burnout.
What kind of Covid protocols are put into place for the players?
As we all know, the protocols feel like they change weekly, if not daily.  However, soccer being an outdoor sport they will NOT BE REQUIRED to get weekly Covid tests like other "indoor" sports.  Players are required to wear masks to and from training/games while on campus (or other campuses) and will be required to socially distance when on the sidelines.  Coaches will be masked at all times.  Players and families who make a team will be provided with a list of Covid protocols to follow.
How many girls will make a team?
Generally, each team carries roughly 20 players (give or take a couple), which means roughly 40-45 girls will make a team this shortened season.  Please don't let this discourage you/your daughter from trying out for a team this year.  We are a highly competitive program and compete at the highest level of women's soccer in the East Bay, but please come to tryouts and give a strong effort to make a team.
Will there be any late tryout sessions if a player misses them during spring break?
That is a tough question to answer, but I will say your/daughter's best chance to make a team will be by showing up to the scheduled tryout sessions.  If you have conflicts please contact me separately and we can address it on a case by case basis.  Unfortunately, the "we are on vacation" will probably not be a valid excuse this season with 70+ girls registered for women's soccer.
I hope this provides some details to the season.  I will say the Diablo Athletic League and Clayton Valley Charter High School is continuing to work hard to make this shortened season happen.  There are a lot of moving parts (on a daily basis it feels like) behind the scenes to give as many athletes as possible some type of high school sports season.
If you have any questions please contact me.  My email is  Please also follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @cvchsgsoccer.  
Thanks, stay safe and see you on the pitch soon!
Coach Aaron Pomeroy
Clayton Valley Charter High School
Women's Varsity Head Soccer Coach