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Academic Support

During CVCHS’ temporary closure, the CVCHS team would like to provide you and your students with some tools to help you during these uncertain times. You will be able to find information on how to structure your day, manage your time, and utilize study skills.
There is also information regarding the online learning platforms that CVCHS is using during this time, such as Schoology and PowerSchool.
Distance Learning Support
Starting a Daily Practice
Schoology is your new classroom. Login to Schoology every day and check out what your teachers have assigned for the day or week. Check the “updates” section of Schoology for a post from your teacher each day after 8:30 a.m. You can also see your assignments in the Schoology calendar.
Create a schedule for your day or week based on what has been assigned for you in Schoology. Students face the problem of not using the online platforms they know so well. Now more than ever it is critical to log onto those platforms - be sure to write down your username and passwords in one space. Remember to check the important folders.
Consider these systems in your new school for the next few weeks.
Structuring Your School Day
Structure is vital. Here are 3 important elements to remain structured:
    • Log into Schoology and your email each morning between 8:30 and 9:00 a.m.
    • Chunk your day based on class or subject area.
    • Take breaks.
When Home-School Structure Falls Apart - Getting Back on Track
Students face the problem of getting out of their routine with schoolwork being assigned but without the daily structure of school and classes. When that happens, forgive yourself. Make a new commitment, and set smaller goals that are attainable and you can achieve each day.
Organization and Time Management
Setting time aside for work, creating a to-do list based on priority assignments.
Need More Help?
Need support navigating distance learning and want to check in with someone to help organize yourself and manage everything with school now being online? If you already checked in with your teacher and counselor and still feel stuck, then check out the Link: CVCHS Student Support Help Desk.
We can schedule an online/virtual appointment with one of our support team members to help you work through whatever challenges you might be struggling with. Fill out this form and someone will be in touch with you within 24 hours.
Familiarize yourself with your Students Distance Learning and Learning Environment
Parents face the problem of "analysis paralysis" in this new system of "home all day". The first step is taking a breath and familiarizing yourself with the most important online platforms for your students.
How to Talk to Your Student about Coronavirus
How to Support Your Student in Online Learning
Parents face the problem of not knowing how to support their students during this time. Keep your own schedule regimented. Create a space for students to do schoolwork that is clean and quiet. Turn off electronics. Make regular meals for your child.
Parents - We Need Your Help
Parents and Students
When you hit a wall, who to contact

Reaching out to your child’s teacher should be the first step. Your child’s counselor should be contacted if further questions or concerns persist.
Counselors and our school nurse will be available to provide support.
Danielle Rush (Students A-Ch)
Lisa Johnson (Students Ci-G)
Vel Snider (Students H-Ma)
Ashley Bonnett (Students Mb-Ro)
Sara Domian (Students Ru-Z)
Cadence Scharff (Collaborative Education)

Cindy Edwards (College and Career)
School Nurse Bridgette Dufton
Student Support and Technology
Clayton Valley has information on our website to help you access online learning. Below are links to “how to” videos for PowerSchool and Schoology.