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Social/Emotional Well-Being

The CVCHS Counseling Department and Special Education Department are here to support students and families during this time of distance learning. Below are recommendations for students and families for promoting socially and emotionally health.

  • Take care of your body. Eating healthy meals, exercising and getting at least seven hours of sleep a night. Even while maintaining a safe distance from other people, you can still go outside! Regular exercise can reduce anxiety. Just be sure to protect yourself and others by following these guidelines for managing anxiety and stress.
  • Do things that give you purpose and meaning. Helping others is a gift, and it is good for your own well-being. Many in our community are more vulnerable to the impact of the novel coronavirus. You can help others by offering reassurance and emotional support, for instance.
  • Take care of basic needs including food security. 
  • Pay attention to how you’re feeling. Fear, worry and dread are normal reactions during this unprecedented time. People who have pre-existing mental health concerns are more vulnerable and face a higher risk of worsening mental health as the virus spreads. For additional mental health information, refer to trusted resources, such as The World Health Organization and The Center for Disease Control
  • Social distancing does not mean social isolation. You can reach out and stay connected to others by using technology such as google hangouts, Zoom group calls, and cellphone texting and conversations. Personal relationships are crucial in maintaining perspective and elevating mood. Increase your feel-good activities. Whether it’s mindfulness, talking to your friends and family members, going for walks, engaging in recreational sports/activities, journaling, or watching Netflix, now is the time to increase positive experiences in your daily schedule. For a quick stress reliever, UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center offers free guided meditations in English and Spanish.