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Annual Notifications

Clayton Valley Charter High School
Anti-Harassment / Anti-Bullying

At Clayton Valley Charter High School, we demonstrate our commitment to our students, parents and community in providing a safe and non-discriminatory educational environment for all students. We promote non-discrimination in all aspects and prohibit any type of harassment, intimidation or bullying. We also recognize that a value of our school is measured in the collective gifts that our educational community contributes to CVCHS.

Over the past year, the California Legislature has enacted different legislative measures that reinforce our responsibility of providing a safe and non-discriminatory school environment for all students, which include anti­ bullying/anti-harassment protections and equal access to all school facilities. Assembly Bill (AB) 9 and AB 11_22 provide guidelines for adopting policies that prohibit discrimination, harassment and bullying and defines bullying to include electronic or cyber bullying as well as encouraging procedures and practices aimed at the prevention of bullying. AB 1266 will provide that Elementary and Secondary courses and classes be conducted without regard to the pupil's actual or perceived gender identity enrolled in the class. This will include the use of all facilities that are consistent with the student's gender identity that is uniformly asserted at school. On all accounts, our focus is compliance with the law, as required, in a manner that is sensitive to the concerns of all parents and students and consistent with the values of non-discrimination in our community and protection from harassment, intimidation, or bullying.

We value our partnership with students and parents in protecting this safe and non-discriminatory environment and we seek your cooperation in making our school a positive place for all students. If you have questions regarding our non-discrimination efforts or equal access, please contact our Executive Director. Together we make CVCHS a great place to be for all students.