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Students: What happens to your school accounts when you leave?

The CVCHS IT Department's policy for student account retention and deletion is as follows:
On or after July 1 of each year, the user accounts and associated user-generated data of all graduating seniors and other students who have left the school during the previous school year are permanently deleted.
For example, on or after July 1 of 2020, the user accounts and user-generated data of all 2020 graduates and other students who have left during the 2019-2020 school year will be deleted.
Students should backup all files and other data that they wish to keep after leaving the school, before the July 1 date. Students should not use their school email for communication in situations where they need ongoing communication after leaving the school (for example college applications).
Click below for instructions on how to copy your Google content from your school Google account to a personal Google account: