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Clayton Valley Charter High School is pleased to announce all 10th graders took the Pre-ACT test on April 17, 2019. 

All 10th grade students will test during the school day at no cost to the student.

The PreACT® provides a practice opportunity for the ACT by helping

  • Identifies current academic readiness for college and career using PreACT score report
  • Predict how the student will perform on the ACT after an additional year of learning
  • Determine skills the student can improve on based on their performance
  • Explore how career aspirations align with the students interests
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  College Entrance Test 

 SAT :  Sign up at   Please check the site for upcoming test dates

SAT test prep free


 Advanced Placement Tests

AP Exams will be administered over two weeks in May tickets may be purchased starting in  February. 


Please visit the Library to take advantage of the FREE test prep booklets we have! 
Test Prep Sites!
AWPE (UC) Testing 
ALL STUDENTS who will enter the University of California as freshmen must demonstrate their command of the English language by fulfilling the Entry Level Writing Requirement.  To find out more on how to meet this requirement go to
EPT & ELM (CSU) Testing

The university will expand its use of multiple measures to assess academic readiness of students. These measures include, but are not limited to, high school grades and GPA, grades in collegiate courses, ACT and SAT scores, Advanced Placement test scores and Smarter Balanced Assessment scores. To find out more information go to CSU Press Release

Clayton Valley Charter Testing Informational Brochure