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Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT Reasoning Test)

This is a 3-part test on critical reading, mathematical abilities, and writing skills that the student has developed in high school. It is the basis of admission to most 4-year colleges and universities. Any senior planning to go to a 4-year college should take the SAT Reasoning Test by November of his or her senior year. Juniors are encouraged to take the SAT Reasoning Test in the spring of their junior year. Dates for this test are available in the College Career Center, the school calendar in the Student Handbook and in the various bulletins distributed to students and parents throughout the year.


American College Testing Program (ACT)

The ACT, like the SAT Reasoning Test, is a college entrance test. Every senior should check the testing requirements of their selected colleges. Some students opt to take both SAT Reasoning Test and ACT since students tend to do better on one test over the other. 


Preliminary Scholastic Assessment (PSAT) (Grade 11)

The PSAT/NMSQT is designed as a preparation for the SAT test, and is also the qualifying exam for the National Merit Scholarship Program. The PSAT is highly elevant to your future success because it focuses on the skill snad knowledge at the heart of education. It'll measure what you've learned thus far as well as what you need to succeed in college. See school calendar and weekly bulletin for this year's date (typically October).


PreACT (Grade 10)

The PreACT empowers students with a unique ACT test practice experience. Scores provide valuable insights into students' predicted performance on the ACT and help inform important high school course decisions. PreACT score reporting includes both academic and career indicators, providing a complete view of students' college and career readiness.  


Advanced Placement Tests (AP)

Advanced Placement tests are college-level exams on specific subjects that are administered in May upon the completion of an AP course in the corresponding subject. A high enough score on the test will earn students college credit at many colleges and universities.


College Board Achievement Tests (SAT Subject Tests)

This is a series of tests that assess what has been learned in a particular subject area. The SAT Subject Test(s) may be required depending on the college or choice of major. Every senior should check the testing requirements of their selected colleges. 

If you are an incoming California college freshman and you have not fulfilled the Entry Level Writing Requirment by April 1, you must take the AWPE in May.
Students planning to attend a CSU are no longer required to take placement exams in English and Mathematics. Instead, placement is based on multiple measures including Early Assessment Program/Smarter Balanced Achievement Levels (i.e., CAASPP Testing), SAT and/or ACT scores, high school coursework, high school GPA and math GPA. First-time freshmen in need of support will be placed in supported instruction whereas others may be required to participate in the Early Start Program.