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Sophomore & Junior Information

If you missed Parent Night, the Power Point and handouts are listed below:


Sophomore PreACT result/scores document click below


For more PreACT information click here


Junior Year Check List



Review your high school courses and activities

Colleges look for strong grades, rigorous coursework & extracurricular activities



Explore and research different colleges, majors and programs

Make a list of colleges you are interested in

Register for the PSAT

Plan on attending local college fairs



Take the PSAT

Continue researching college campuses

Maintain good study habits to acquire the grades needed for college



Learn/research about financial aid opportunities through grants/scholarships

Talk to your family about your educational plan and financial expenses



Continue making every effort to maintain your grades

Become part of a study group and communicate with your teachers throughout the year



Plan on taking the SAT/ACT in the Spring



Continue to challenge yourself when you register for your senior classes. It’s not time to relax, it’s time to compete!



Plan a college tour during your Spring Break!

Register for the SAT/ACT exam

Keep track of future deadlines



Visit College Campuses and get to know your school(s)



Take the SAT/ACT