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Summer School » Summer School 2020

Summer School 2020

Summer Programs 2020

CVCHS currently has four summer programs running for Summer 2020: Summer School (Credit Recovery/Intersession), Geometry Acceleration, Extended School Year (ESY), and Summer Bridge (for incoming 9th graders). Please see the details below about each program. Please contact the Ms. Jamie Keith (summer program principal) with any questions regarding our summer programs.

Summer School

  • Credit Recovery: Open to students who are credit deficient and/or have earned an F (<50%) on their transcript. 
  • Intersession: Open to students who have earned a 50-69% during SPRING semester of 2020 wishing to pursue an additional 10% bump to their grade. Also open to students who earned a 75-79% or an 85-89% during SPRING semester of 2020 wishing to pursue an additional 5% bump to their grade. (Review our Semester 2 Grade Protection Policy.)
  • Program runs from June 15th to July 17th.
  • All courses must be completed by July 17th to earn credit.
Please email our Summer School Counseling Team for any registration or scheduling needs.



Geometry Acceleration
Eligible students have received an invitation from the Geometry Acceleration coordinator/teacher Ms. Shannon Lunardi. This program runs from June 11th through July 31st.



Extended School Year (ESY)
Our Extended School Year (ESY) program provides special education and related services to students with a disability beyond the regular school year in accordance with his/her IEP. The need for ESY services is determined on an individual basis by the Individual Education Program (IEP) team. Our ESY Coordinator/Teacher is Ms. Veronica Liwanag and the program runs from June 15th – July 10th.



Summer Bridge
Open to incoming 9th graders, this program offers students the opportunity to build their literacy and numeracy skills as they transition from middle school to high school. Program contacts: English/Literacy: Ms. Sarah Lovick; Math (student last name A-J) Ms. Margie DiGiorgio and Math (student last name K-Z) Ms. Deb Heinzmann.

Summer Supports for ALL Students

For any CVCHS student, including those not enrolled in any summer program, our support team is available throughout the summer. Support services include academic (college planning, course registration, etc.), skills-based (time management, executive functioning, etc.), and social-emotional (managing stress, anxiety, depression, etc.). Please contact our Summer School Counseling Team for any support needs.