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Course Description

Welcome to our 9th grade AVID Class!
AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a method proven to increase student learning and performance.  Students in AVID will be working on areas such as:
*Test taking skills
*Note taking skills
*Study skills
*Learning styles
*Social skills for academic success
*Goal Setting
*College requirements and testing
*Prep to take AP classes in their 10th-12th grade years
*College Field Trips to Northern CA campuses
*Formal Keyboarding lessons (so that all students are equipped with this valuable life skill!)
* Resume building
*College research using our Naviance program
*Career research using our Naviance program
*College and Career speakers come to class frequently to discuss what the "real world" is like and how students can prepare NOW to be successful!
*Achieve 3000 is used on a weekly basis to enhance students' academic reading level

**Emphasis placed on personal responsibility, character building and answering the question "what do you want to do after high school?"

AVID is NOT a homework class or study hall.  There is a set curriculum designed to motivate and equip your student to do better in all their classes as they prepare to go to college.
OFFICE HOURS for Ms. Lovick: Wednesay during lunch in A8.
Achieve 3000 is the program I will use to promote growth in the area of reading comprehension.  This computer based program has over 20,000 high interest articles taken right from our newspapers.  The articles have been re-written for each reading level, so many students in the same room can read the same information in a way THEY understand!  For every 40 articles read the average student will advance 1 full reading grade level!  Our class should be able to get through 40 article each quarter, which means your student can advance up to 4 reading levels in just 1 school year! Achieve 3000

Typing Web is the free online keyboarding program we'll be using heavily during our first 10 weeks.  Typing is an essential life skill and will help students in their immediate future as they type reports and papers for other classes.  The more proficient they are they easier life will be!  Lessons will be tracked for progress and when they finish the lessons there are games to play that keep teaching them proper keyboarding while they have fun!  Typing Web

It is my goal to provide a safe and academic environment for all students.  If they can connect to and feel like a part of our school in both a social and academic way, our students will be set up to succeed in a great way! 

Please feel free to email me at any time with questions~
Sarah Lovick