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Dress Code

CVCHS 2017 - 2018

Student Dress Code Policy


Clayton Valley Charter High School is a place of learning and it is very important that students’ attire does not distract from the learning environment.

  1. No tube tops--including strapless/off-the-shoulder tops with long or short sleeves--, halter tops, spaghetti strap tops, or see-through blouses. Tank tops are allowed, however, the straps must be as wide as the width of two fingers (two inches).

  2. No bare midriffs, cleavage, or underwear. Tank tops, blouses, and shirts need to have necklines with no exposed cleavage.

  3. No ribbed or thin cotton tank tops, traditionally worn as an undershirt.

  4. No shorts, skirts and/or dresses shorter than your fingertips with the relaxed hand, arms straight at

    your side.

  5. Inappropriate tights and leggings cannot be worn in place of pants. These items can only be worn

    under tunics/dresses/skirts that have lengths no shorter than what was stated in Item #4.

  6. Pajama bottoms cannot be worn in place of pants.

  7. No clothing or accessories promoting the use of drugs, alcohol, and/or tobacco.

  8. Clothing may not contain offensive, obscene images and/or language; no depictions of weapons

    or any kind of gang attire.

  9. No sagging pants that expose underwear or shorts underneath. The waistband must remain above

    the hip flexor. Waistband should never be on the thigh.

  10. Holes in jeans above mid-thigh require a layer underneath and pants must be lower than dress code length stated in Item #4.

  11. Shoes must be worn at all times. No sole-less shoes or slippers.

  12. Hats and hoods may not be worn inside a building.

Staff has the right to deem other apparel not mentioned above as inappropriate. If a student is not appropriately dressed, the following will take place:

  1. The student will be required to change clothes at school and leave the inappropriate clothing in Discipline Office (located at the end of the Administrative Wing, formerly the College and Career Center) until after school. The Student’s parents will be notified. Students will be allowed to change into loaner P.E. clothes.


  2. Student will have to wait in Discipline Office. The parent will receive a phone call and will be asked to bring a change of clothing to the office. Once the student has changed, they will be allowed back to class.

  3. Students with multiple offenses may have additional consequences for violating the dress code, including but not limited to detention, CV Community Service and/or campus beautification detail.