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A message from coach Scott Neal:

I would like to welcome each of to the Clayton Valley Lacrosse program. My name is Scott Neal, I have been the head coach at Clayton Valley Charter for the last 8 season now and coached youth leagues in the area for an additional 8 years. In the time I’ve been here, we have had 6 consecutive NCS playoff visits and one conference championship, have sent 2 boys into DI college lacrosse programs and had one US Lacrosse All American.
But what I am most proud about our program is the off field accomplishments by our boys and the men this program has produced. Due to their hard work on the field and in the classroom we have successfully placed 17 kids into college lacrosse programs with over half of them on scholarship, 6 men have gone into the military and have done extraordinary things, we have maintained a team GPA of 3.45 throughout the season for the last 6 years and currently hold a 100% graduation rate.
Lacrosse is a special game and for those of you new to the game, you are in for a treat!! It is like nothing you’ve seen before but will have a very familiar feel to it. Incorporating physicality that you would see in football or hockey, offense and defensive movements and strategies you’ve seen in basketball, full field play reminiscent of soccer and some of the most skilled and fastest play you’ve ever seen on a field.
With this said, the game is not an easy one to master, even the most athletic kids have trouble learning how to throw and catch with a lacrosse stick, while running, getting hit and poked with a stick. But something magically happens the first time a young man picks up a lacrosse stick, puts on some gloves and starts throw and catch, soon after all they’ll want to do is work at getting better and better at their stick skills. This will be what’s needed to play the game at the high school level.
Due to this, I do not cut any player! A player with no experience is welcomed and will receive the same attention as a player who comes into our program after playing his entire childhood. Both kids will have to work at building themselves and making the team better.
The only thing I require to remain in our program is a willingness to work hard and listen, show respect to the game, your team and your coaching staff and give everything you have when on the field. If you can commit to that, our coaching staff will commit the very same thing to you.
Our season will officially begin Monday, April 5. Whether your son is still interested in playing or not, please reply back to me as soon as possible to let me know the status; I need to know our program numbers.
If your son will be joining us this season, the only pieces of equipment he will be responsible for purchasing is his own lacrosse stick, cleats and workouts clothes. I will supply all other protective equipment required (ie, helmet, gloves, elbow pads and shoulder pads) of course if you rather purchase your own or already have some that is fine too.
If playing, we will be holding a gear issue and meet and greet Friday, April 2 at 630 followed by a team workout at 700pm on the far end of the football field. Please let me know if your son will be playing so I can prepare appropriately.
I will send a second email with our practice schedules and game schedule (with current pandemic status and sports now being allowed to play, this is a flowing and ever changing schedule) but I will do my best at keeping everyone up to date on our times.
Thank you very much and I look forward to seeing all of your boys out there with us this season and meeting each of you,
Scott Neal