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Facility Use Permit Policies And Procedures

It is the policy of Clayton Valley Charter High School, in compliance with the Title IX of the Education amendments of July 1972, not to discriminate on the basis of sex in its educational programs and activities or in the recruitment and employment of personnel. Title IX further prohibits the school from providing “significant assistance” to outside groups and organizations that discriminate on the basis of sex in their programs and activities.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, all groups who use the facilities at CVCHS shall endeavor to reasonably accommodate all requests for accommodation by individuals with disabilities who wish to participate in our sponsored activity on district property.

Use and occupancy of the school facilities and property shall be primarily for public school purposes. Any authorized use or occupancy of the property for other than public school purposes shall be secondary and subordinate to this primary purpose.

School premises shall not be available to non-school organizations on such occasions or during such hours as have been scheduled in advance by the Executive Director for school exercises or functions or in connection with regular school work.

The Executive Director’s office shall approve all permits for the use and occupancy of school property and facilities by authorized groups or organizations during non-school hours. School premises shall not be used by any person or group as its political campaign headquarters.

Approval of this application is contingent upon payment of all fees owed to the school for previously-approved Use Permits. Charges for the use of school facilities and property shall be determined from a current Use of Facilities Fee Schedule.

All rules and regulations of the CVCHS Governing Board and provisions of the Education Code of the State of California (Civic Center Act) are to be observed strictly by those using school facilities, grounds and property.

The Executive Director has full responsibility for supervision and management of all property of the school at all times. He/she is authorized to assign use and occupancy of the property during school hours for meetings of groups provided that such meetings are not inconsistent with and do not interfere with the use of the property for school purposes.

Use of tobacco products, intoxicants or narcotics is prohibited in or about the school buildings and premises, nor shall profane language, quarreling, fighting, or gambling be permitted. Violations of this rule by an organization during occupancy shall be sufficient cause to deny further use of school premises to the organization.

Nothing shall be offered for sale at meetings without special permission from the Executive Director’s office. No person or organization, other than permittee, shall distribute any literature or any other item or articles at a meeting held in or on school facilities.

Any permit may be revoked without previous notice where conflicting dates have resulted or where need of the property for public school purposes has subsequently developed. For other cause, permits may be revoked at any time upon reasonable notice.

The school office will not assume responsibility for mail for a non-school group and shall not permit the use of the telephone, school mail or supplies (other than restroom) by any such group or representative thereof.

CVCHS reserves the right to require police protection for meetings held on school property when it deems such protection desirable. Organizations granted the use of school buildings or grounds may be permitted, in the discretion of the Executive Director’s office, to use school equipment which needs an operator, such as public address systems, etc., provided they agree to pay all costs, including labor, to which CVCHS may be subjected by reason of such use.

Persons or organizations using school district premises including a stage or stage equipment shall not be permitted to remove or displace furniture or equipment, nor change or manipulate controls except as requested and approved at the time of application.

Upon receipt of notice that a permit has been issued to a non-school agency for use, the Executive Director or custodial supervisor shall designate a custodian to open the building, be in charge during the use, and to close the building after the use. The designated custodian in charge is empowered to take all necessary means to enforce CVCHS rules, policies and safety requirements.

Opening the buildings for use shall be dependent upon the showing of an approved Use Permit application to the custodian in charge. For security purposes, a custodian or site administrator must be on site during all use of school facilities. Custodian will stay in immediate area of use if so designated on application (“Exclusive Use of Custodian”). Based on the number of rooms used and/or attendance expected, CVCHS reserves the right to assign more than one custodian to be on site during use and/or clean-up. User group shall bear all costs for this coverage.

The school custodian assigned to the facilities requested or any other school person, other than the Executive Director of the school, shall not permit any individual or group to use any equipment, room or other facility on the premises which was not designated on the application as approved by the Executive Director’s office. Any departure from the original approved request may be allowed by the Executive Director’s office via Cancellation or Change Notice form. Applicant should be aware of the possibility of additional charges resulting from the change in facilities.

School property shall be protected from any damage or mistreatment and permittees shall be responsible for the condition in which they leave the school buildings, fields and grounds. In case school property is damaged, the cost thereof shall be paid by the permittee. School furniture or equipment may not be removed or displaced by any permittee without permission from and under the supervision of the school employee in charge.

Notice of cancellation must be given to the school office 48 hours before the date of intended use in order to avoid financial obligation for any charges involved. When cancellations occur, the Executive Director’s office shall be notified via Cancellation or Change Notice. 

If a change in date or details occur, notice must be given to the school office 48 hours in advance of the date of intended use. The Executive Director’s office shall be notified via Cancellation or Change Notice.

It shall be the duty of the school custodian on duty to see that these rules and regulations are enforced and to report any violations or attempted violations to the site administrator. Whenever the school feels these rules and regulations have been violated, the school shall revoke the permit in question and shall not issue future permits to the organization.