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Facilities Use Permit Instructions & Fee Schedule

Permit for Use of School Property


For information on how to submit a SchoolDude Use Permit request, click here.



Application and Permit for Use of School Facilities and Property


Complete policies and procedures for use of school facilities are outlined here.  A few of the policies have been duplicated herein to assist users in understanding school procedure.  Please read and adhere to all items as listed to insure a successful event.  Please note that school functions have first rights to all properties and that you may be asked to reschedule.  If applicable, your group will receive a bill for use of facilities and/or custodial overtime approximately one month after the event.


If an approved event is cancelled, the school must be notified prior to 48 hours before the event.  Failure to advise appropriate site personnel could result in custodial overtime fees of $144.00 ($36.00 per hour for a 4-hour minimum).

If a change in time, date, room or equipment arises, please notify the appropriate site personnel as soon as possible prior to the event.  Site personnel will then prepare and submit a Cancellation or Change form and alert their custodial staff of the changes.



Clayton Valley Charter High School requires that all groups using school facilities carry liability insurance in the amount of at least $1,000,000 per occurrence.  A Certificate of Insurance must be received by CVCHS prior to use of facilities.  Clayton Valley Charter High School must be endorsed as additionally insured on the certificate.



If your group or organization requires exclusive use of a custodian during the event, it must be noted on the “Use Permit”.  The custodian’s primary duty is to the user group.  Other duties may be assigned when user demand appears minimal or after user needs are fulfilled.  When a user requires a custodian exclusively for an event, no school duties will be assigned.


When a custodian has been assigned to a specific user activity and the user has not arrived one hour after the scheduled arrival time, the custodian may secure the site and leave the premises.  Overtime compensation will be paid at four (4) hours regardless and the user will be charged accordingly.


Custodians assigned extra work for community service events are guaranteed a minimum of four (4) hours for each assignment.  A custodian receives one 15-minute rest break in each 4-hour period and one 30-minute meal break in an 8-hour shift.


·         The sale and/or serving of alcoholic beverages on school property is prohibited.

·         The use of school facilities for private use by individuals is prohibited.

·         The use of ALL tobacco products in or on school property is prohibited.


If you have any questions about facility usage, please call CVCHS at 925-682-7474 for more information.


         All charges (except Computer Labs) are 4-hour minimum.

(Pro-rated by hour after 4-hour minimum.)







2/3 X WEEK OR 4/5 X WEEK




Specialty Room (Library, Music Room, etc.) 



Multi-Use Room/Theater 



Large Gym 


$1000 / $1500

Small Gym


$750 / $1100

Locker Room (Boys’) 


$500 / $750

Locker Room (Girls’)


$500 / $750



$1000 / $1500

Turf Field


$1000 / $1500

Baseball Field/Cage


$1000 / $1500

Softball Varsity or JV



Softball Practice Field/ Baseball/Soccer Grass Field


$750 / $1100

Tennis Courts



Parking Lots (without additional facilities)








$500 / $700








  In addition, use during weekend, holiday or evening hours during school recess periods requires custodial overtime. User groups are responsible for custodial overtime charges of $36.00 per hour with a 4-hour minimum.  Custodial set-up and clean-up time may also be assessed on all uses.