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Field Trips

Field Trips
Teachers can organize field trips as long as they are directly correlated to the content area standards and have expressed educational value that bolsters the learning of students.  Field trips must be approved by the Principal at least two weeks prior to the date of the trip. Field trips are not to be scheduled during school-wide testing (refer to the schoolwide testing calendar in the appendix), during the week prior to finals, or during finals.

Upon approval, if coverage is needed for any of your classes you should enter your absence into Helios as School Business & notify the front office. 

Please see the Field Trip Application Form for requirements and details. Teachers scheduling field trips are required to ensure that all other faculty signatures are included on each student’s permission slip. Teachers may deny a student attendance on a field trip for a grade below C in their class.  Teachers who do not follow these procedures may lose the privilege to conduct other field trips.


Field Trip Permission Slips for Students

Field trip permission slips are required for any school-sponsored activity held off-campus. These activities may include but are not limited to, the following: sports events, field trips, college visits, and club activities. The school may be held liable for any and all incidents/injuries/accidents that occur during school-sponsored activities, so it is vital that parent-signed permission slips are obtained for each student. Permission slips are only valid with the Principal’s signature, and only hard copies should be provided to students. Collection of signed permission slips is the responsibility of the teachers or staff member leading the off-campus activity. Original copies of the signed permission slips are to be obtained prior to the off-campus activity and taken by the teacher or staff member leading the off-campus activity to the activity in case of emergency. A copy of the list of attendees should be provided to the Front Office as well as the Attendance Office. 

Collection of Funds:

Please see Guidelines for Collecting Funds from students, parents, community, etc.