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Absence/Time-Off/LOA Procedures

Below you will find all information related to absence & Leave of Absence procedures.

If you are reporting a same-day absence, please contact:

Debbie Lerner (Front Office Secretary) at 925-682-7474 X 3114 


Questions about sick/vacation leave balances, please contact:

Michelle Hull (Human Resource Specialist-Payroll & Benefits) 


Questions about requesting a Leave of Absence (LOA), please contact:

Rebecca Reynolds (Human Resources Director)


Absence/Late Arrivals (Unplanned) 

In the event of an emergency or when an unplanned absence arises one hour or less before your scheduled start time, please follow the steps below:


Step 1: Contact Debbie Lerner in the front office (Teachers) via phone at 925-682-7474 X3114 to notify her of your absence AND your direct supervisor (Classified Employees)


Step 2: Send lesson plans via email to Debbie Lerner at 


If the absence arises after 6:30 a.m., the Front Office staff will need to enter the absence into Helios for you. 

If you will arrive after your scheduled start time and coverage for your class is needed, you will be deducted from your sick leave in 15-minute increments (Certificated Teachers ONLY). Hourly employees will be docked from their pay for any work time missed due to late arrivals. Please check in with the front office upon your arrival. 


Repeated unplanned absences/late arrivals that negatively impact CVCHS may result in discipline as outlined in the CVCA/CVEA CBA


Absences/Late Arrivals (Planned) 

In the event you know you will be absent/late in advance (e.g., conference, doctor’s appointment, union business, etc.), please complete a Requisition in Helios. This is automatically submitted to your director/supervisor for approval. To ensure fairness to your colleagues, please provide adequate notice for planned absences, at minimum 48-hours.


Whenever coverage is needed due to School Business (Conferences/Field Trips) please refer to our Field Trip & Conference/Workshop Protocol on our Staff Resource Pages.


Absence Reporting thru Helios (Step-by-Step Instructions)


Time-Off Procedures
Requests for Time-off must go through Helios. For advanced warning time-off, use "Requisitions". For day-of or night-before absences, put in as "Report An Absence". For questions or concerns, please email Debbie Lerner or Michelle Hull.


Leave of Absence (LOA) Procedures

Requests for a Leave Of Absence (LOA) must be approved by a CVCHS Administrator/Director. Please enter your request for time off in Helios under "Requisitions" for your Admin to approve.


CVCHS employees are asked to submit requests as soon as possible.



For more information about our LOA Policies, please refer to policies and employee information below.


California Family Rights Act (CFRA) Information 

FMLA Employee Rights & Responsibilities 

FMLA Policy

Family First Corona Relief Act - FFCRA Flyer

Pregnancy And Disability Leave Policy