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Continuing Education

Continuing Education (Certificated)

Continuing Education Guidelines (from CVCHS/CVEA Bargaining Agreement)

Prior to taking any Continuing Education Units used for salary placement, unit members need to submit a Continuing Education Request for Approval Form

Professional Growth (Classified)
Article 25-Collective Bargaining Agreement (2016-19)


Conferences & Workshops

Funds are available for teachers to be reimbursed for professional development opportunities outside of those provided by CVCHS.  Teachers should follow the guidelines below before registering to attend a conference/workshop.


Conference/Workshop Approval Protocol:

- Obtain prior approval by submitting a Conference Request Form

- Submit a completed Authorization for Absence Form

- Submit your upcoming absence on AESOP

- Save all receipts for expenditures for which you expect to be reimbursed
 (registration, airfare, hotel, meals)

- Fill out Conference Expense Form, attach original receipts and submit to Fiscal