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Fiscal Office / Fundraising

Purchases: Employees must obtain prior approval before spending any out-of-pocket funds for which reimbursement is needed. Please see specific guidelines & approval order below.




Employee Out of Pocket Expenses:

- Individual purchases cannot exceed $500.00.

- Remember to obtain authorization prior to making the purchase.

- Always obtain a receipt, sales order or invoice.

- Complete an Employee Request for Check or Credit Card Charge Form

- Follow the steps on the form.

- Obtain authorized signature.

- Turn in completed request with original supporting documentation to the Treasurer’s Office.

Conference & Workshop Reimbursements
See Continuing Education page for information on Conference/Workshop reimbursements.

Office Depot Orders: Front Office Secretary ext. 3114

  • The Charter has an account with Office Depot., please utilize this system of ordering.
  • Office Depot is to be used for classroom and office supplies.
  • All orders are completed through your Department Chair on a weekly basis.

Office Depot Order Form

Text Book Orders
Text book orders must be approved by Department Chair & Director/Executive Director

Vendor Purchases: Contact Diane Bailey or Marisa Veyna
Treasurer’s Office ext. 3107

  • If possible obtain a sales quote or proposal from the vendor.
  • Complete a Purchase Order Request Form
  • You must follow the Requisition/Purchase Order process for all items over $500.00.
  • All items must be delivered to the school’s address.
  • All deliveries are to be delivered to the Treasurer’s Office.
  • If you receive an invoice in your box please forward it to the treasurer’s office, we do not pay for the purchase until the items have been received and we have the invoice.
  • When necessary, Directors may spend up to $2500.00 on an approved purchase. without a purchase order. (Board adopted 6-12-2013.)

Any donation or participation in fundraising activity for the school is strictly voluntary and is not required for participation in any educational program or activity.  All CVCHS groups, clubs & teams must follow all guidelines for fundraisers. Failure to do so may result in loss of privilege.

Fundraising Guidelines:

- Download the Fundraiser Packet below and follow instructions in the packet.
- Complete the Fundraiser Authorization Form located in the packet.
- Wait for administrative approval before beginning fundraiser.
- Complete a Fundraiser Recap/Revenue Form.
- Complete a Deposit Slip and turn in funds to Treasurer’s Office.
- Cash must be counted in dual control so be prepared to wait for funds to be verified.

Collection of Funds:

Please follow these steps anytime you are collecting money from students, parents, community etc.

  • Fill out collection log indicating how payment was made., i.e. check, cash etc.*
  • Fill out deposit slip.
  • Turn collection log, deposit slip and funds into the treasurer’s office.
  • All cash must be counted in dual control so be prepared to wait for funds to be verified.
  • Deposits must be submitted in a timely manner.
  • All cash and checks must me locked up and turned in immediately after collection.

*Clubs/Groups do not have to fill out the collection log for small fundraising items such as bake sales, Jamba Juice, water sales etc. but should fill out fundraising revenue sheet.


Field Trips

Teachers are welcome to organize field trips so long as they are directly correlated to the content area standards and have express educational value that bolsters the learning of students.  Field trips must be approved by the principal at least 30 days prior to the date of the trip. Field trips are not to be scheduled during school-wide testing (CAASPP, Common Core, Benchmark, AP), during Dead Week prior to finals, or during finals, including period finals.


Please see the Field Trip Application Form below for requirements and details. You are required to ensure that all other faculty signatures are included on each student’s permission slip. Any teacher may deny attendance on a field trip for a grade of a D or an F.  Teachers who do not follow these procedures may lose the privilege to conduct other field trips.

Collection of Funds:

Please see Guidelines for Collecting Funds from students, parents, community etc.