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New Hire Info.

Welcome to Clayton Valley Charter High School!  We are excited about having you join our amazing faculty & staff!

Onboarding is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Step 1: Get your fingerprints/Livescan completed ASAP. (It can take as long as 2-3 weeks for us to receive your background clearance and cannot start working until we have received your background clearance from the FBI/DOJ. Results are automatically sent to us.).

Note: CVCHS will reimburse you for the cost of LiveScan. Go here for details.

Below are a couple of options in Concord (fees vary depending on vendor, call for current prices):
o The UPS Store, 1647 Willow Pass Rd. (925) 680-6510
o CCCOE, 77 Santa Barbara Rd., Pleasant Hill (925) 942-5312 (call to make appointment first)
o The Postal Annex, 785 Oak Grove Rd. (925) 687-7151

Step 2: Provide HR with TB test results. (We recommend checking with your primary healthcare doctor for an appointment to get a TB test prior to going to a 3rd party.)

Step 3: After your contract has been CVCHS Board approved, you will receive an email from Paycom with your login information so you can complete the onboarding process.

Step 4: Bring all I-9 identification to Desiree Lopez. Please contact Desiree Lopez to make an appointment to drop off these items.

* Please note that staff & faculty members will not be allowed to begin working until you have been cleared by the District Office.*

Substitute Teachers

Below you will find our Substitute Teacher Handbook. The information in the Handbook will help you navigate your way through your days as a substitute teacher at CVCHS.

Employee Referral Incentive Program

Tuberculosis Assessment Questionnaire
Employees are required to have a current TB Assessment Questionnaire on file. TB Assessments are valid for four (4) years and must be renewed in order to be allowed to continue employment with CVCHS. Updated TB Assessment Questionnaires should be submitted to the Human Resources Department via email to [email protected].

TB Assessment Questionnaire

In accordance with California law, all applicants (certificated and classified) must have their fingerprints cleared prior to the start of work.

Individuals who have been convicted of serious and/or violent crimes are precluded from being hired by California public school districts.

Employees may not be placed at a work site prior to the District receiving clearance from the Department of Justice. Classified employees are also required to receive clearance from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Fingerprinting can only occur once an applicant has been offered employment.

Applicants must present valid photo identification (e.g. Driver's License) to the Live Scan Operator. Expired identification cards will not be accepted.

Support for New Teachers

New teachers with less than two years teaching experience will be required to participate in TIP (Teacher Induction Program). TIP will provide guidance, support and training to help enhance your classroom methods.  The first year of teaching is always challenging, and CVCHS has a wealth of resources available to support new teachers.

Additionally, staff members that are new to the CVCHS campus will participate in a two-day workshop on campus.  These valuable training days will allow new staff members to become acquainted with our school philosophy and classroom procedures, tour the campus and sports facilities, obtain crucial technology information and meet key office personnel, as well as collaborate with other new staff members in order to facilitate a smooth transition to their first day of school.

Monthly follow-up meetings will be held during a catered lunch, in order to support our new CVCHS staff members.  This will provide all new staff members the opportunity to ask questions and receive ongoing support from Kathleen Coakley.