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From the Desk of Dave Linzey...

“Genius is 1% Inspiration and 99% Perspiration”  --  Thomas Edison
Welcome Class of 2021!
We want to give a warm Clayton Valley Charter welcome to our freshman class of 2021!
Clayton Valley Charter High School is buzzing with enthusiasm and positive energy that you can feel in the air, the moment you step on campus. 
Freshman Orientation took place the entire week before the opening day of school and was a grand success.  Bonding relationships were formed with our new students to ensure a successful transition to high school life.   Many thanks to Teacher Sarah Lovick and her Link Crew students for their hard work and continued support to our freshman students throughout the entire school year.
Parents, we want to thank you for your partnership in our mission to prepare all students to become “first class citizens with a world class education.”  I want to share with you a few comments from staff that have come to my attention to acknowledge our parents for a job well done:
“This year’s kiddos are just great! Over the moon about how they say thank you at the end of class!!” – Ms. Bolden
"I have noticed that our freshmen class does a very good job coming prepared for school! The vast majority of my students are turning in their assignments on time and they are coming prepared for class. In addition, my students are polite, respectful, and eager to participate in class! Way to go class of 2021!!" - Mrs. Ihle
"This year I had a freshman Medical Academy student say, ‘I will not be here tomorrow when the homework is due. Can I turn it into you today even though it is early?’ Of course, I said yes! What a wonderful way to start the year, knowing that my students are hardworking and advocating for themselves." – Ms. Scholefield
“The Class of 2021 first two weeks of high school have been very positive.  The students have been showing up to school on time and ready to work.  They are maintaining a positive attitude and are willing to learn.  I can’t wait to see these students develop over the next four years.” – Mr. Ralston
“In the first week, I’ve seen many of my freshman students are punctual, prepared, productive and pretty positive.” – Mr. Hughes
“The students are well behaved and knowledgeable.” – Ms. Oruche
“The class of 2021 is absolutely wonderful! The students are so respectful and polite. It is great to have students who participate in class and say ‘thank you’ at the end of class each day.”
- Ms. Thomas
"I find myself continually blown away by the positivity and downright awesomeness of this year's freshmen class. Without a doubt, they have helped to make the beginning of this school year truly spectacular." – Mr. Hansen
“Such a positive group of students overall - I’m already looking forward to working with them for the next four years.” – Mr. Rosewell
“My freshmen are excited and eager to learn about earth science this year, they genuinely love being in class! It makes me feel so excited for this school year as well.” – Ms. Jones
Other big happenings occurring this month is our Challenge Day program for sophomore students, running August 30th – September 6th.  Challenge Day is a weeklong program offered to our entire sophomore class to continue to form meaningful relationships with their peers and receive support from one another.  It is a life-changing experience as students participate in a daylong interactive workshop where our students, staff, and community members experience compassion and connection to one another.  A big “Thank You” to Susanne Renner, and her Challenge Day staff for guiding us “to be the change you want to see in the world!” 
Next up is our Class of 2018 Senior Picnic at Water World in Concord on September 6th.   Our super star seniors will continue to make memories together and a “big splash” while cooling down in this “heat wave.”  We expect great things from this year’s senior class as they model and lead our younger students to demonstrate good citizenship and school pride.  Our Public Services Academy (PSA) also had an amazing event whereby our seniors held “round-robin” presentations to the underclassmen in the PSA, sharing all the exciting opportunities available in providing service to others.  A big “shout out” to our PSA academy teachers: Ms. Allan, Mr. Anwar, Mr. Perreira, Mr. Rosewell, and Ms. Westbrook!
Last, but not least, “Back to School Night” is Thursday, August 31st starting at 6:30 pm with music provided by our fabulous Jazz Band led by Ms. Lydia Lim.  Parents, please join us to visit all of your child’s teachers and get to know their course requirements and ways you can support your student’s learning this school year.  We have an amazing group of teachers who are inspired and passionate about the privilege to teach your children and desire to make a difference in their lives.  Our focus this year is to “know each student by name and by need” and communicating with our parents is key to our success to better serve the needs of your child.  We are looking forward to meeting you on Thursday evening at our “Back to School Night” event. 
In closing, I wish everyone a Happy Labor Day Celebration, as we have worked hard opening the school year and now need to enjoy the “fruits of our labor”!
In Your Service,
David Linzey
CVCHS Executive Director

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