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EAGLEi Independent Learning Program


EAGLEi is a new program at Clayton Valley Charter High School, beginning Fall 2022, designed to serve a growing need in our community. The program will provide students with a robust independent learning curriculum, along with the opportunity to engage in our award-winning extracurricular activities including Sports Teams, Bands, Clubs, and so much more. 


  • Students receive personalized, one-on-one attention, and individualized plans tailored to their learning.
  • Students have flexibility during their school day.
  • Teachers hold appropriate California credentials.
  • The academic program can be accelerated or slowed to best support your student's needs.
  • Students meet with their advisor on a weekly basis for individual support.
  • Courses are offered in all core disciplines such as Math, English, Science, and Social Science.
  • Students can engage in all CVCHS extracurricular and athletic activities.
  • Graduating students receive a full Clayton Valley Charter High School diploma including the opportunity to attend graduation ceremonies.


EAGLEi is an independent learning program that gives students an alternative setting with flexible learning time and/or attendance. This program is designed for:

  • Home school students
  • Students working in non-traditional industries (theatre, film, music, etc.)
  • Families who travel extensively
  • Athletes on a professional track
  • Students who struggle with the traditional classroom setting
  • Students with chronic health conditions

If the flexibility to access courses during non-traditional school hours and/or if completing courses before a semester ends is a priority, then this program may suit your student's needs. If they are motivated, the possibility of graduating early is within reach.

Students enrolled in the EAGLEi program will have access to CVCHS's award-winning extracurricular activities including Clubs, Bands, Choirs, Sports Teams, and more. Your child will thrive in this small school environment with more control over their academic pursuits and pacing. AP and Honors courses are available as well.

Have more questions? Read through our FAQ below or send an email to Margie DiGiorgio, Director of Independent Study & Interventions.

Q:  If we apply for the EAGLEi, will my child remain on the waitlist should there be potential openings? 
A:  The EAGLEi Independent Learning Program is a program within Clayton Valley Charter High School. As such, students who are accepted to this program from the waitlist are no longer waitlisted. They are CVCHS students.

Q:  If accepted to the EAGLEi does a student have the option to attend school on campus, should space open up during the year?
A:  Students who enroll in this program will remain in it until the end of the school year in which they were accepted. Transfers to on-campus learning may be considered based on spots available but it's not a guarantee.

Q:  Will there be an option to do some classes on campus whether it’s an elective or a core class, for instance taking an art class or PE on campus? 
A:  At this point, this option does not exist but may exist in the near future.

Q:  Will credit be given for classes outside of CVCHS such as an online Los Medanos College class? 
A:  CVCHS accepts community college credits for subjects needed to graduate which we do not offer here. For example, if a student takes Japanese in a community college, we will accept this course as part of our Foreign Language requirement, provided they earn 20 credits.

Q:  Is there a reimbursement allowance for outside credits?
A:  CVCHS does not provide a reimbursement allowance for outside credits.

Q:  Will there be an option for off-campus sports such as club soccer to count as PE credits?
A:  The time a student spends in a club sports program, may be calculated to PE credits depending on physical activity hours in the sports program.

Q:  Will EAGLEi students have access to all the same courses that an in-person student has?
A:  Yes.

Q:  Will students have access to attain ample support from teachers of each class/course and can EAGLEi students meet with them in addition to the teacher who will be assigning work?
A:  The assigned teacher is highly qualified to support EAGLEi students in all courses.

Q: Who will schoolwork be evaluated by?
A:  Assignments will be evaluated by the EAGLEi teacher.

Q:  Will EAGLEi students have access to the same resource material/textbook as in-person students?
A:  Yes. EAGLEi students are CVCHS students and will have the same access to resource materials.


Your student will have access to our championship-level sports teams and intramurals available for all grade levels.


Join us on-campus for events such as the Career Fair, Choir, Band, Drama, College Signing Day, Homecoming, and more.