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Rodriguez, Maria » Spanish 1

Spanish 1

    Hello=  Hola a todos:)

Please complete all work and turn it on time to get  full credit for your work. You will receive full credit for complete work turned on time,  during lunch on due date. Half credit is given for incomplete assignments. You will receive half credit for late homework/ classwork/ or project presentations that are complete, but turned in late due to an unexcused absence. "0" credit is given for not turning any work at all.
Please, see me during my office hours to turn in work, to ask questions, experiencing problems with content or need help to complete work. My office hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at lunch time.

Thanks for being an active learner, following the classroom rules, demonstrate positive attitude, show respect, have individual responsibility, have dedication for self and others, and for engaging in class.

Maria G. Rodriguez  :)