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Magana, Kathleen » Happy Fourth Quarter, Spring 2016

Happy Fourth Quarter, Spring 2016

March: We are past Quarter 3.
No homework from Feb 15 and prior will now be accepted.
All Feb HW is due by March 21, no exceptions.
Thanks for a happy pi day.
Ms. M
February Flew by.......................................................
ALL Assignments for FEB and MARCH Available on EDLIO
PowerSchool still updating.
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Recent Posts

Yay! It is time to come back to school!!!

WELCOME. Bienvenidos....
Okay, a week ago, I said to myself, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo!" I'm not ready!!! Argh.....
Then, I came to campus and saw some of my favorite teacher friends and started unpacking my classroom, like colored pencils and compasses....and now...I'm jazzed. 
Thrilled to see some familiar names from A1 in my Geo classes and meeting new students is always a fun time.
Then, we get to work...I have lots of that planned. I'm attaching assignment sheet samples and materials lists if you want to come READY...see ya...
Ms. M


I'm not accepting late homework. 
I've made that clear since 2 weeks before spring break.
I accepted late work up to March 25.
Students have had 3 weeks of hw due since spring break:
April 11, April 18 and April 25
It is too late to turn in homework from April is two weeks late...and those that didn't turn it is obvious from how they did on the quizzes so far in April.
HW from April is too late to turn in HW from April 18. That was 10 days ago. 
Do your homework on time. I give class time every day to work on every assignment. 
If you are not doing homework, you are required to come on Tuesday at 3 or Thurs. at 2:30 to get help. Failure to Appear = Saturday school.
If you (or your child, depending on who is reading this)...finds that they are earning an is because they did not do the homework, and thus, failed the quizzes....
Coming to me when grades are due for an extension or extra credit will not enhance your chances of passing in any way. 
I have high expectations for all of you, parents and students...we've been over this.


We are past Quarter 3.
No homework from Feb 15 and prior will now be accepted.
All Feb HW is due by March 21, no exceptions.
Everything else by 3/25
Thanks for a happy pi day.
Ms. M

New News Feb 2016

HI! My school laptop was lost.
Now it is found.
But, I am a little behind posting grades, so for those of you who are checking every day....sorry! Teaching, lesson planning and such comes first. The homework is graded, we have a quiz this week and those scores will be recorded forthwith. 
Feel free to email me with your comments and questions.
Ms. M

Back To School

This is the quarter final. Yes, it is "for a grade". I don't give many tests, we are taking a lot of quizzes this year, instead.
Corrections may be crucial for a passing DO THEM.
I'm having a great year!
Somehow...I've been blessed with 6 classes of some of the hardest working, most respectful students I've seen.
I appreciate it. 
I am looking forward to meeting the parents of these super stars....
Ms. M
See you Thursday ....and...
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