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9th Grade AVID

Welcome to the 9th grade AVID class!
 AVID is a college prep course.  It is NOT a study hall to do other homework- instead we have a set curriculum made up of primarily IN CLASS work. There will not be much homework as the aim is to support students in their freshman year and get off to a good start in high school!
We are also doing a keyboarding/typing curriculum that will be the bulk of the curriculum during our first 10 weeks.  This is an essential life skill that will also greatly save them time in high school as most projects and essays must be typed.
Achieve 3000 is the reading program we will use.  This is an online program that ALL of CVCHS will use and it helps prepare students for the new common core testing that will replace the STAR tests.  80% of curriculum now is non-fiction based so this program is a bank of over 20,000 newspaper articles- taken directly from AP sources.  These articles are re-written at 12 different grade levels and student progress is then tracked as they are assessed using common core standards.
The last component is our AVID curriculum which will take place on our block days.  These are lessons which help teach organization, study skills, test taking strategies, how to advocate for themselves, responsibility, the value of education in the real world, college/ career searches and SO much more!  It's a truly amazing wealth of knowledge and will help prepare them to take control of their own education in high school and college.
It's my aim to have my students walk away from class each day knowing WHY we did what we did and HOW it will help them in their immediate and adult future. 
80% of the class will be computer based and takes place in a computer lab so they'll have access to technology and we'll use it every single day to help them prepare for the technologically advanced world they are already living in.  The keyboarding/typing feature is a key component that every student should know and I'm excited to begin our year with this feature which will greatly help them all year long.
I will post our daily AGENDA and HOMEWORK on schoology.  When students are absent they'll simply click on that date's power point presentation and be able to easily see what they've missed!
I look forward to working with you and please always feel free to e-mail me with any questions, comments, or concerns!
~Sarah Lovick
Office Hours: Wednesdays at lunch in A8