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Ms.Yang's Math Classes

Welcome to Ms.Yang's class website! I will be posting lessons and homework assignments regularly. Please subscribe to your class page and visit my website on daily basis for updates.

Look forward to a great year with everyone!

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jeopardy template

This is an old jeopardy game, but you can edit it.
First, save the template to your computer
Second, click enable editing
Third, Re-type all categories and problems over
Make sure all expressions and equations are readable. Feel free to take pictures of problems in the textbook or google problems. 

A2/Trig Test Tuesday 11/10

You need to be able to
- graph power functions with any power
- transform any power functions
- identify degree, turning points and end behaviors of a power function
- graph any polynomial functions using end behaviors, x-intercepts and their multiplicities
- write an equation for a given graph
- find all real and complex zeros of a polynomial function
- know how to use synthetic division, long division, remainder theorem
- understand rational root theorem
- find an equation from it's zeros

Hon. Pre-calc Test Polynomial Functions Tuesday 10/13

Review Worksheet and Test Study Guide is attached in Assignment Post 10/9

A2/Trig 2nd Exam on 9/9

System of Equations: Substitution, Elimination, Graphing
Regular and Compound Inequalities
Linear Inequalities with two unknowns, System of linear inequalities
Absolute value equation and inequalities
Absolute value functions
Function Transformations