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Discipline » Dress Code

Dress Code

Student Dress Code Policy

Students in violation of the Dress Code Policy are subject to disciplinary action according to CVCHS discipline policies. Staff reserves the right to deem other apparel not mentioned below as inappropriate. We seek to work in collaboration with families in regards to all disciplinary matters, and we ask your support enforcing the Dress Code Policy when shopping for your student. 

  1. No bare midriffs, low, revealing necklines, or visible underwear.
  2. No shorts, skirts and/or dresses shorter than the end of your fingertips with the relaxed hand, arms straight down along your body at your side. 
  3. No clothing or accessories promoting (even if just via the brand) the use of drugs, alcohol, and/or tobacco. 
  4. Clothing may not contain offensive,  obscene images and/or language; no depictions of weapons or any kind of gang-affiliated attire (as determined by CVCHS administration).
  5. The waistband for all bottoms (e.g. pants, shorts, etc…) must remain at or above the natural waist. 
  6. Holes in jeans and pants must be lower than the dress code length stated in item 2 above - below fingertips with the relaxed hand, arms straight down at your side.
  7. Hats, hoods, sunglasses, and other specifically outdoor accessories should not be worn inside buildings.

All CVCHS staff has the right to deem other apparel not mentioned above as inappropriate.
All staff is expected to enforce the school dress code. Dress code violations should be referred to the Discipline Office. If you need assistance identifying a dress code violation please contact the Discipline Office.

If a student is NOT appropriately dressed, they will face the following consequences:

    1. The student will be required to change clothes at school and leave the inappropriate clothing in the Discipline Office until the end of the school day. The student’s parents will be notified. Students will be allowed to change into P.E. clothes or loaner clothes if necessary.


    2. Student will have to wait in the Discipline Office. The parent will receive a phone call and will be asked to bring a change of clothing to the office. Once the student has changed, they will be allowed back to class. Parents are able to excuse their child to pick up a set of appropriate clothes and return to school. Class missed for this reason, whether while in the Discipline Office or changing clothes, will count as unexcused absences.
Students with multiple offenses will have additional consequences for violating the dress code, including but not limited to detention, Saturday school, and/or campus beautification assignment, as deemed appropriate by the director over discipline. Consequences extending beyond the school day will include parent notification.