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2019-2020 Open Enrollment Application

Completed applications to Clayton Valley Charter High School (CVCHS) may be submitted November 6, 2018 through January 30, 2019. If applicable and upon lottery acceptance, enrollment is not complete until a full registration packet is submitted. The Public Random Drawing (PRD) will be held on Monday February 4, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. in the Multi-Use Room.

Submission of an Open Enrollment Application is not a guarantee of enrollment in CVCHS; the application is an entry into the CVCHS PRD. If an applicant does not submit an application by the printed deadline (January 30, 2019), the applicant will not be entered into the CVCHS PRD. Late applications will be marked with the date and time of receipt and will be added to the waiting list in the chronological order received by CVCHS.

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• If your child was offered enrollment via a preference and CVCHS deems that your child does not qualify, they will be placed at the end of the waiting list at the time CVCHS determines the failure to qualify for the preference.
• Admissions for siblings of currently enrolled students is not guaranteed. Siblings of currently enrolled CVCHS students must submit an Open Enrollment Application in accordance with CVCHS's policy. Applicants must indicate on their application if they have a sibling currently enrolled at CVCHS
• Per CVCH's PRD: "The term 'sibling' is defined as a child who has at least one birth or adoptive parent in common with the existing pupil, or who has been legally adopted by or placed under legal guardianship of at least one birth or adoptive parent of the existing pupil, or are step-siblings through marriage."

• Parents or guardians need to plan to provide their own transportation to and from school for all students.