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CVCHS Student & Teacher

The Academies at CVCHS function as small schools within the school. Students enrolled in an Academy must take required classes with other Academy members each year. Following is a brief description of each of the five Academies. Please visit their pages for additional information.

Clayton Arts Academy Students

Clayton Arts Academy (CAA)

Clayton Arts Academy provides an artistic avenue for students to fulfill their academic requirements while providing them with intensive, in-depth training in their area of artistic interest. CAA students enroll in various arts-integrated pathways, including design, visual arts, digital arts, performing arts, music, content production, and media. Career connections include vocations in the arts, media, and entertainment industries.

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Engineering Academy

Engineering and Design Academy (EDA)

Engineering & Design Academy provides a firm educational foundation in the areas of math and science enhanced by problem-solving and engineering applications. EDA’s emphasis is placed upon the critical thinking, collaboration, and teamwork skills necessary in our increasingly technological world. Career connections include vocations in the engineering, architectural and transportation industries.

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Medical Academy

Medical Academy (MA) 

Medical Careers Academy prepares students for biomedical careers in the 21st century by providing the educational foundation, professional mentorships, leadership training and hands-on skills. MCA students learn the principles of biomedical science including medical investigation, problem-solving innovation, clinical care, as well as outbreaks and emergencies.  Career connections include vocations in the healthcare, medical research and technology and sports medicine industries.

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Public Service Academy

Public Service Academy (PSA)

Public Service Academy engages students in topical matters and careers related to governance, public safety, community service, education, and social services. PSA students learn the principles of leadership,  service, public speaking, written communication,  goal setting, group dynamics and presentation skills.  Pathway courses are designed to engage PSA students to positively impact their school and associated communities.

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Technology Academy

Technology Academy (TA)

Technology Academy is composed of imaginative students seeking a career in game development or computer science industries. Pathway courses focus on the wide ranging fields of graphic design, animation, game design, coding and web design. Students specialize in the development of technologies that impact society through the creation of devices or software powered by data.

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