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The life of a CVCHS student involves much more than just time spent in the classroom.  In addition to academic and athletic-related activities, we offer students the ability to engage and interact with one another in a variety of ways.

Student Services

Student Services works with all students whenever they are needed. These services include academic consultation and referral, peer and family relationship mediation, college and financial aid planning, grief and bereavement facilitation, and substance use and abuse information and referral.  The Discipline department supports students in a variety of ways, 


The Discipline Office promotes and supports the discipline codes of the school found in the Student-Parent Handbook. These rules foster respect between students and their peers and between students and faculty/staff members.  The Discipline Office at CVCHS are an integral part of the day-to-day operation of the school, helping students get to class on time, ensuring the smooth operation of events and activities on campus and keeping our school safe, secure and functioning in an efficient manner.  However, the Discipline Office plays another very important role; they help every student feel safe while pursuing their education in an environment of mutual respect.

Facilities, Operations & Technology

Facilities, Operations and Technology help keep our students focused on the projects at hand by ensuring safe, clean environments, healthy food, smoothly running events and the ability to connect wirelessly to their academic programming.