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Counselor with Student

Clayton Valley Charter High School’s Counseling Department aims to support our students in their academic, personal/social and career/college development. Counselors provide services and support in all American School Counselor Association (ASCA) domains during all four years of high school

CVCHS Graduates


Counselors work with students to establish and monitor academic goals and success; and develop skills for improved learning; advise students about which courses meet graduation requirements, post-secondary needs, and career interests.

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CVCHS Students


Counselors work with students to develop and plan career and college goals; provide students with strategies to gain a wide variety of career information; and help with the college search and application process.

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CVCHS Students


Counselors help students with personal and social issues that can interfere with success in school. Counselors work with students to acquire the knowledge and skills helpful for personal growth, healthy decision making and overall mental health.

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CVCHS Lower Quad

How to contact your Counselor

Families should refer to the Clayton Valley Charter High School website and parent newsletter for up-to-date school programming and access information. The Counseling Department will also regularly update the website with information about counseling services. 

Students are assigned to counselors by alpha using their last names. 

Bill Morones

Interim Executive Director

Jennifer Bakowsky

Marriage & Family Therapist (MFT)

Ashley Bonnett

Counselor (Last names: Non - Se), Counselor Eaglei (A - Z)

Leah Cash

College & Career Counselor (All grades)

Ellen Coleman

Counselor (Last names: A - Car)

Suzy Garcia

Counselor (Last names: Sh-Z)

Bianca Gonzalez

Counselor (Last names: Ki - Nom)

Patrick Lefiti

Counselor (Last names: Cas - Gam)

Marissa Mojica

Counselor (Last names: Gan - Kh)

Student Services

Maribel Herrera

Student Services Secretary

Nicole Collins

Speech Pathologist