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Social/Emotional Counseling & Resources

School Counseling Supports

Within our comprehensive School Counseling Program, we provide social/emotional counseling to students. These services are offered when there is a need for a counselor to assist a student regarding important, personal, social or developmental concerns. Social/emotional counseling services may include the following: 

  • Student appointments can be made to discuss: balancing social and academic demands, difficulties with specific responsibilities, and conflicts with peers. 
  • Parent conferencing by request regarding an issue interfering with student success.
  • Crisis intervention around current issues that endanger the welfare of the student.
  • Support to families in response to long-term illness and other personal crises a student is experiencing. 
  • Outside referrals provided for community-based mental health or social services. 

Confidentiality is adhered to between school counselors and their students. There are exceptions to this rule, in accordance with California state law, which governs mandated reporting. 

Community Resources

Student Groups

We are excited to have a new Marriage and Family Therapist, Jennifer Bakowsky, join the CVCHS team this school year!

Ms. Bakowsky will begin facilitating student groups:

  • Everything's F.I.N.E! group on Wednesdays at 3:30 PM in Room 14 (Library).
  • Starting November 02, 2023 Wellness Group will be held on Thursdays during UGLY Hour in room 14 (Library).

For additional information, CLICK HERE or email Jennifer Bakowsky, LMFT